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Alleanza Quartz

Style That's Authentically Yours.

Alleanza Quartz crafts refined elements into beautiful surfaces, empowering homeowners to build the honest, luxurious spaces they want to live in. Not everyone has the same dream home. So we offer one of the largest pencil and wide vein collections, one-of-a-kind textured quartz, and a wide variety of classic honed and soft white designs. All with the confidence that comes from our lifetime warranty.

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kitchen countertop examples


Straight lines and minimal décor define this uncomplicated look. With an emphasis on balance, symmetry and form, the modern design style, inspired by architecture of the 1920s, primarily focuses on clean and simplified spaces by using bold lines, warm woods and primary hues.

kitchen countertop examples


This design style is the perfect blend of traditional and modern elements, where the comfort of classic design meets the world of contemporary décor. Enjoy the best of both worlds by mixing old world woods and natural hues with glass and chrome to create a harmonious blend of styles.

kitchen countertop examples


Often referred to as Classic, this design style lends itself to details of luxury, richness and depth. Characterized by intricate wood carvings and moldings, sturdy crafted furniture, classic art and flashes of gold, this design style creates a timeless impression of splendor and maturity.

kitchen countertop examples


At the intersection of practicality and comfort lies farmhouse style. This design style relies on natural resources, readily available materials, wood features and white tones. Raw elements and warmth are indicative of this interior design theme, which creates an emphasis on a space connected with nature.

kitchen countertop examples


Featuring the use of raw materials, handcrafted wooden furniture and natural textures, this distinct design style is described as earthy, aged and casual. Both simplified but functional, rustic style feels closest to being at one with the earth.

kitchen countertop examples


Gaining popularity in the 1950s, this design style is best known for sleek lines, organic shapes and a clean, honest use of materials. With an emphasis on reimagining traditional pieces, this design style is notoriously known for appearing futuristic but with limited décor flair.

kitchen countertop examples


Interiors featuring neutral elements, bold color and streamlined shapes are often characterized by this design style. Developed in the latter half of the 20th century, contemporary style is known for spaces that include softened and rounded lines, as opposed to stark edges featured in modern designs.

kitchen countertop examples


This feels-like-summer-year-round in your home design style is most simply defined as beachy. Notable design elements include the use of natural light, neutral hues, linen textiles, and a soft aesthetic.

kitchen countertop examples


Synonymous with Nordic style, this interior design theme features minimalism, soft tones, clean lines, utility and sense of warmth. Furnishings are sleek, modern and inviting, and a lack of clutter and a cozy environment are indicative of this design style.

kitchen countertop examples


Free your design inhibitions with sustainable influences from around the world. This design style doesn't play by the rules and tends to incorporate eclectic colors, lush greenery, mixed textures and global elements to create the epitome of personalized style and laid-back vibes.

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