When the Bathroom Escapes to the Kitchen

We love Remodelista’s idea of adding functionality and fun to the kitchen by borrowing ideas from the Bathroom. Here are a few of our favorites!

  • A pulley-system drying rack (often used in English bathrooms and laundry rooms) provides an over-the-range venue for tea towels and kitchen accessories.
  • An accent Mirror in the Kitchen makes the room feel bigger.
  • Double towel bars in the kitchen provide ample space for dishcloths to dry.
  • An old Schoolroom Soap Holder simplifies the soap storage by the kitchen sink.
  • Soap Niche in the Kitchen allows for a beautiful display or a handy place to store oils often used for cooking.
  • A row of hooks creates a classic towel rack effect. Use knobs like that on traditional medicine cabinets and we are in love!
  • And finally, a vintage soap dish mounted next to the sink provides an appealing organizer for brushes.

Refrigerator Features

Once you have decided on the size and style of the Refrigerator that works best for your kitchen space, it’s time to consider some of the useful features. Many of the high-end features listed below are available on the most affordable refrigerators.

Ice Maker and Water Dispenser
The feature most requested by buyers comes in several different setups: through-the- door ice and water dispensers, water dispenser inside the fridge, ice makers in the freezer, through-the-door water only dispensers and more. Some of the newest models include a high-end filtration system and a heated water option. Those with digital control, even have programmed fill options to precisely dispense cups or ounces, or an auto-fill option.


Humidity Control Drawers
Most refrigerators have crisper drawers, with controls to retain optimum humidity levels. The newest models offer temperature-controlled drawers, allowing the consumer to set specific temperatures for thawing meats or chilling drinks quickly. These drawers usually have digital controls allowing for precise temperatures readouts of freezer, refrigerator, and individual drawers.

Adjustable Shelving
Refrigerator companies have recognized how time-consuming it can be to remove all contents from a shelf in order to adjust a shelf. Current models feature full shelves that slide back to make room for taller items when needed, and are easily replaced for storing a tray flat. Elevator shelves can be easily moved up and down without removing contents.

Deep door bins are designed to keep milk jugs, orange juice containers and other quick grab items are at your finger tips. All of the latest shelving options make unloading groceries and organizing the fridge a breeze.

LED Lighting
It’s the attention to details such as lighting that can make the refrigerator experience more enjoyable. LED lighting throughout the fridge allows for all areas of the interior to be well lit, including each shelf in the freezer and all refrigerator drawers. Say goodbye to old tupperware bins hiding in the corners and half-used ketchup containers!
The modern refrigerator is sophisticated and offers specialized features to meet the needs of the individual consumer.