Stepping Up: Ladders in the Kitchen

Rolling ladders have always been a classy way to spice up a home library. But now with vertical storage becoming popular in the kitchen, ladders are making their way into the kitchen workspace. We love the versatility of a ladder, whether used in the traditional way to reach high items, or repurposed. They definitely add an element of decoration and practicality to the kitchen!

Ladders provide natural open storage and display for runners and linens or they can be used practically as a dish towel rack. As many ladders are narrow, they provide a simple solution for decorative storage in a kitchen corner.

Vertical storage in the pantry is made practical with an installed rolling ladder.

An old ladder can be suspended from the ceiling to make an interesting pot rack display.
You can also skip the hanging pots and use a ladder for hanging elevated decoration.
If you don’t want a permanent option, a fold away ladder can be a beautiful touch.
With the variety of materials available for ladders, you can achieve a modern, rustic or vintage feel.
Ladders can even add efficiency to small kitchen spaces by providing quick access to high cabinets!

Drawers, drawers, drawers!

We are noticing a growing trend in the 2014 kitchen towards drawers for all forms of storage below the counter.

The garbage/recycling pull-out drawer has grown in popularity the last few years.


This system is often paired with a pull-out cutting board, complete with a hole for easy food scrap disposal.


Pantry drawers are even being added to everyday cabinetry.

A couple modern appliance companies offer smaller appliances in drawer options. One example is the dishwasher drawer:

The multi-use refrigerator/freezer/wine chiller drawer is another common option.

Even under the sink has been claimed by the drawer system.

Tiered drawer systems are a nice option for corner cabinet spaces.

Which of these drawer systems would help organize your kitchen space?