Must-Have Kitchen Features

Whether you’re building, remodeling, or wanting to upgrade a few things in the kitchen, these are the must-have features to add to your list.

Hot Water Dispenser
GE brings the heat with its all new GE Café 22′ and GE Cafe 28′ French Door refrigerators both featuring a built-in hot water dispenser. Hot water on demand is a nice amenity if you love hot teas and coffees or just want to get a jump start on a pot of boiling water. A dispenser at the fridge also helps eliminates the chrome clutter at the sink involving the faucet, handles, soap dispenser, dishwasher air gap, and so on.cye22ushss_feature_keurig_dispenser_1 Continue reading

Kitchen Cleaning DOs & DON’Ts Roundup

The kitchen is no doubt our favorite place to be so we’re always trying to find the best practices to keeping it both clean and beautiful. Unfortunately there is a lot of misconception out there about what is the right and wrong way to clean your kitchen surfaces. Our roundup includes the basic Do’s and Don’t’s of kitchen cleaning to get you to a brighter and happier kitchen!

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A Cup of GE Café

Coffee at the touch of a button has become the standard in today’s home. Keurig® leads this movement with their signature K-Cups which can brew more than 400 varieties of single-serve drinks to your satisfaction, from tea and coffee to hot chocolate and cider. Guests can easily enjoy their own favorite flavor without having to wait longer than a minute and with minimal cleanup to you. And with its precise measurement, hot drinks are the perfect consistency every time.
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Garbage Disposal Care

Unless you’re Oscar The Grouch, garbage may not be a go-to conversation starter for you. However, if you are a proud owner of a garbage disposal then you know how wonderful it is to keep yucky smells out of your garbage can (as well as the pests that love them), not dig foods out of the kitchen drain with your fingernails, avoid clogs from foods that get past the S-trap, and spend less time doing chores all while fighting global warming! Garbage disposals really are the ultimate convenience in a kitchen. If you already own a a disposer or are considering purchasing one, follow these basic care tips to get the most life from it.
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