Caring For Your Hardwood Floors

One area that may get overlooked but plays an important role in the kitchen is the flooring. It is the foundation of both style and function in the kitchen in any room in the home but especially in the kitchen since it sees the most foot-traffic. Hardwood is considered the ideal flooring since its timeless, durable, and low-maintenance. Well-finished hardwood floors are also moisture-resistant which is ideal for an area that sees a lot of spills and splatters. Hardwood floors can even help unify the kitchen when the rest of the home has the same flooring. When it comes to cleaning, are you caring for your hardwoods the right way? Keep your hardwoods looking brand new and functional with these simple care tips.
Attractive young adult couple sitting close on hardwood floor in home smiling and laughing.

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Top Freezer vs. Bottom Freezer

When it comes to shopping for a refrigerator, there are a lot of dynamics to consider. Clearly size and price are the first to consider, and then comes a very important one – the refrigerator’s configuration. That’s right, we’re talking about freezer placement. It may not the most exciting facet to decide on quite like the type of gorgeous finish you will select but it is an important one that will affect your daily use. Below we’ll compare the differences between top-mount freezer and bottom freezers to help you better decide on the best refrigerator for your home.

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5 Ways To Keep Countertops Decluttered

“A messy kitchen is a sign of happiness,” that is, until you wake up the next day and can’t find a clear space to brew your treasured morning coffee and you’re suddenly not feeling so happy. So you clean and mop and wipe-down every surface to start afresh and hopefully keep it clean as long as possible. However, if there’s a lot of clutter on your countertops, your kitchen won’t stay that way for very long.
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