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5 Reasons Why Luxury Appliances Are Worth Every Penny

Posted on June 20, 2023

From reaching into the fridge for a fresh bottle of sparkling water to searing lamb chops to perfection, it is clear that appliances can make or break your kitchen. Regardless of your kitchen budget, it is essential to choose appliances that offer lasting quality and exceptional performance in the long run.

Luxury appliances provide the perfect solution, as they not only offer a guarantee of durability but also come equipped with features and capabilities that make life simpler and more enjoyable. But you may wonder, are luxury appliances truly worth the investment? Keep reading to find out why they are!

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Quality Performance

When you purchase luxury appliances, you're not only investing in the gorgeous aesthetics and innovative features, you're investing in state-of-the-art engineering designed to perform longer than traditional appliances.

Compared to their lower-cost counterparts, luxury appliances are built with superior materials for a higher-quality performance meant to last. Additionally, advanced testing during development and production means you won't be disappointed by their professional grade high performance.


Cutting-Edge Technology

People no longer view cooking as a chore but as an achievement and pastime to create masterpieces. With food networks providing a window into the world of high-end chefs, people desire to cook at the highest professional levels which can be achieved with luxury cooking appliances. Here are a few examples of what luxury kitchen appliances can provide for you:

• Regular ranges might offer around 7,000 BTUs, a luxury model can provide a remarkable 15,000 BTUs, resulting in quicker boiling times and perfectly seared pork chops with a delectably crispy crust.

• Top-of-the-line refrigerators, like built-in refrigerators from Sub-Zero favored by professional chefs, exhibit exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, ensuring your food stays at its peak freshness.

• High-end dishwashers, such as Thermador's Topaz Series, operate quietly while delivering outstanding performance, guaranteeing spotlessly clean dishes after each cycle.


Enhanced Features

Luxury appliances offer more than just functionality; they come packed with thoughtfully engineered features that streamline your cooking experience. Enjoy the convenience of preprogrammed cooking modes with simple one-touch operation or larger capacity dishwashers with flexible racks to accommodate all your needs.

Sit back and relax while built-in ventilation systems efficiently capture smoke and odors without the need for a hood, and advanced cooking methods like steam and convection cooking facilitate your cooking experience. Wi-Fi connectivity is another popular feature, giving you instant control over your appliances at your fingertips, turning your space into a modern home.


Better Fit & Design

High-end appliances exhibit sleek lines, robust materials, and meticulous design, creating a timeless look of opulence and elegance. These appliances are designed to seamlessly integrate into your kitchen, with countertop depth models that perfectly blend with the surrounding cabinetry, offering a custom look.

As the largest appliance in the room, a countertop depth refrigerator can significantly impact the overall aesthetics and flow of a kitchen, especially when compared to traditional refrigerators that protrude approximately 8 inches from the cabinetry. Luxury appliances also provide a wide range of design options to match your preferred style, including custom cabinet panels to seamlessly blend into their surroundings.


Long Term Savings

You may not think about savings when you initially invest in luxury home appliances but it's important to consider the long-term benefits. Let's factor in energy efficiency and overall quality, and you may find it's actually more affordable to own a high-end appliance than a traditional one.

For instance, you could purchase a basic range model for $800 or invest in a luxury appliance priced at $3,000. Although the latter may seem nearly four times as expensive, spread over a span of 20 years, it amounts to a mere $150 per year. And that's not accounting for the additional savings when you switch to energy-efficient appliances.


Commonly Asked Questions: Luxury Appliances

What is the high-end GE brand?

The high-end version of GE is Monogram. Their appliances offer premium features, sophisticated designs, and cutting-edge cooking technology.

Is Wolf a high-end brand?

Yes, Wolf is widely recognized as a high-end brand in the appliance industry. Wolf appliances are renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship, advanced technology, and meticulous attention to detail.

What are the highest-quality appliance brands?

Several brands are renowned for their high-quality appliances. Some of the top-rated luxury appliance brands include Sub-Zero, Wolf, Monogram, Thermador, Bosch, Cove, and JennAir.

These brands are known for their exceptional performance, innovative features, and long-lasting durability. We proudly carry all of these luxury kitchen appliance brands and more.

What is considered a luxury kitchen?

A luxury kitchen is characterized by its high-end appliances, premium materials, and exquisite design. It typically incorporates top-of-the-line appliances, custom cabinetry, high-quality countertops, and thoughtfully integrated smart technologies.

Luxury kitchens often prioritize functionality, aesthetics, and creating a space that reflects refined taste and indulgence. Schedule a consultation with one of our kitchen remodeling experts to build your luxury kitchen today!

How do you build a luxury kitchen on a budget?

Consider shopping for discounted luxury appliances and keep an eye out for special offers and promotions. Financing your appliances is also a great way to stay within budget while still purchasing the high-end appliance of your dreams.


Luxury Appliances Near You

Are you ready to elevate your kitchen with state-of-the-art luxury appliances? Experience true elegance and sophistication with our extensive selection of high-end cooktops, refrigerators, dishwashers, ranges, and more. At Bray & Scarff, we have everything you need to transform your kitchen into a home chef’s haven.

Visit any of our appliance store locations in Frederick, MD, Bethesda, MD, Alexandria, VA, Arlington, VA, and more, where our team of product experts is ready to assist you in finding the perfect appliances. For all your luxury kitchen appliance needs, look no further than Bray & Scarff. Visit us today and let us assist you in building the kitchen of your dreams!

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