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From reaching into the fridge for a fresh bottle of sparkling water to searing lamb chops to perfection, it is clear that appliances truly make the kitchen. Regardless of your kitchen budget, you will want to select appliances that provide lasting quality and proficiency for the long run. Luxury appliances offer this guarantee along with the features and performance to make life simple and more enjoyable. But are luxury appliances worth the money? Find out why they are below! WolfQuality Performance When you purchase luxury appliances, you're not only investing in the gorgeous aesthetics and innovative features - you're investing in state-of-the-art engineering designed to perform longer than traditional appliances. Compared to their lower-cost counterparts, luxury appliances are built with superior materials for a higher quality performance meant to last a lifetime. Additionally, advanced testing during development and production means you won't be let down. 2015_12_03_1819Advanced Technology People no longer view cooking as a chore but as an achievement and pastime to create masterpieces. With food networks providing a window into the world of high-end chefs, people desire to cook at the highest professional levels which cannot be achieved by basic appliances. A regular range may offer around 7,000 BTUs while a luxury model will offer 15,000 BTUs, the difference being quicker boiling time and perfectly crispy crust on a seared pork chop. Cutting-edge refrigerators, such as Sub-Zero's built-in refrigerators used by most professional chefs, provide superior craftsmanship and attention to detail to keep your food at its the highest peak of freshness. High-end dishwashers, such as Thermador's Topaz Series, run quieter than ever while providing the performance to ensure your dishes actually come out sparkling clean every cycle. ci304c_vi42b_do30cm_bi-36r_bi-36f_tm_slgExtra Features With luxury appliances, you get what you pay for with extra features which have been thoughtfully engineered to streamline your cooking experience. Enjoy preprogrammed cooking modes with simple one-touch operation, larger capacity dishwashers with flexible racks, built-in ventilation to capture smoke and odors without a hood, steam and convection cooking, Wi-Fi connect so control is at your fingertips, and so much more.BoschBetter Fit & Design With sleek lines, durable materials, and thoughtful design, high-end appliances provide a timeless look of luxury and elegance. Luxury appliances feature countertop depth to fit perfectly into surrounding cabinetry to create a custom look. As the largest appliance in the room, countertop depth refrigerators can have the biggest impact on a kitchen's look and flow, especially compared to traditional refrigerators that can stick out about 8 inches from cabinetry. High-end appliances also feature more options to match design styles, including cabinet panels to help appliances blend in. RefrigeratorSavings You may not think about savings when you initially invest in luxury appliances. However, when you think about the long-run, between energy efficiency and quality, you may find it's actually more affordable to own a high-end appliance than a traditional one. You could purchase a basic range model for $800 or a luxury appliance for $3,000. Yes, it's nearly 4 times the cost but over the span of 20 years, it's really just $150 a year. That's not even including what you will save by switching to energy efficient appliances. ThermBe sure to check out our selection of luxury appliances from Thermador, Bosch Benchmark, Jenn-AirGE Monogram, and Subzero & Wolf.
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