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Café Induction Range vs. Café Radiant Range

Posted on Dec 1st, 2021

Café Appliances has become synonymous with distinct style. From its beautifully reflective Modern Glass Collection to its Customizable Professional Collection, Café Appliances delivers kitchen appliances unlike any other brand before. But it’s not just the looks that count. These higher-end appliances also perform as well as they look. Take for example two popular ranges from Café’s Modern Glass Collection featuring a reflective finish, clean lines, and a flush cooktop surface; the Café 30” Radiant Convection Range and the Café 30" Induction Convection Range. These two models may seem almost identical in appearance but happen to provide two different cooking experiences. Let’s find out how.

What's The Same?
From outward appearances, both models display a beautiful aesthetic to elevate the style of any modern kitchen. With a highly reflective Platinum Glass finish, these ranges are specially designed to mirror your kitchen’s style so it blends in seamlessly. Both ranges are front-control so you don’t have to reach over a hot surface to adjust temperatures while also enjoying an unobstructed view into the next room. Both the radiant and induction model have SmartHQ™ that allows you to manage all aspects of your kitchen through the app or voice command. You can even get personalized features and upgrades and thanks to the True Convection with Precise Air, you can enjoy a no-preheat Air Fry to cook healthier, crispier versions of your favorite foods.


What's Different?
The main difference between these two models is the cooktop surface. Both feature a sleek, flush design but are backed by different technologies. The radiant range is more like traditional coil burners with coils housed under the smooth top’s surface that radiate heat up to your pot or pan. The radiant range features a Power Boil burner that adjusts sizes to match your pot or pan size. The induction range features an induction cooktop that uses a magnetic field to heat the pot and pan, not the surface. This allows for instant responsiveness and precision, as well as safety. It also has a stunning full-color LED that adds an unexpected touch of style to your kitchen. Try new recipes and perfectly execute your favorites with this smart system that can automatically track progress, modify temperatures, and adjust cook times.


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