Designing An “Age In Place” Kitchen

As we age, even simple tasks can become daunting. From navigating through tight spaces with sharp edges to bending down to reach into low appliances, kitchens can quickly become a frightening place for the elderly. The kitchen also happens to be a place we spend a lot of time in, so losing that self-sufficiency can become very disheartening for anyone. However, you can create a kitchen space that is “age in place” friendly. By incorporating thoughtful “age in place” features to your kitchen, you can enhance its usability, maintain your independence and comfort,  increase the safety of those who use it. Whether you’re designing or renovating a kitchen for your forever home or for an elderly or disabled loved one, here are some details to incorporate into your kitchen design.

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Customize Your Appliances With The Café Matte Series

Your kitchen appliances play a significant part in your kitchen’s style. However, they are also a long-lasting investment so you can’t really just switch them out as often as you do your kitchen decor, unless, of course, you want to spend thousands of dollars each year. This limitation discourages many people from keeping up with the latest trends so they’re stuck with a kitchen that feels outdated and unfashionable. That is, up until now. The new line from GE, now titled a simple and modish “Café”, offers you something you never had before – a way to accessorize your appliances to reflect your unique personality. Continue reading

How Tariffs On Steel And Aluminum Will Affect Appliances

With the recent news of tariffs being placed on steel and aluminum imports from Canada, Mexico, and Europe, you may be wondering as a consumer how this change will impact your life. Both of these metals are obviously critical raw resources for machinery, from airplanes and automobiles to pipelines and – you guessed it – major kitchen and laundry appliances.
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Thermador Favorites

Since its inception in the early 1900s, Thermador appliances have been revolutionizing the kitchen with its innovative line of appliances. Synonymous with luxury, Thermador has been making the kitchen more efficient, more beautiful, and more sophisticated with appliances designed to ignite the flame of imagination. Inspired by everything culinary, Thermador specializes in cooking appliances, such as ovens, cooktops, ranges, refrigerators, and dishwasher. These luxury appliances offer your kitchen with quality craftsmanship, exceptional design, and culinary performance. Of all its innovative designs, Thermador is most recognized for its exclusive, patented Star® Burner and Pro Grand Range. The time is now to exceed the ordinary and create unforgettable experiences in the kitchen!
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The Design of GE Black Slate™

As the kitchen design world continues heating up with new alternative finishes to stainless steel, especially black stainless steel, trailblazer GE Appliances recently introduced a new finish unlike any other. To be at the forefront of appliance finishes, GE engineered GE Slate™ finish a few years back to offer you the option of a sleek, warmer alternative to stainless steel. To expand on its success with GE Slate™, the masterminds at GE Appliances developed the darker GE Black Slate™. Continue reading

Spring Clean Your Kitchen

Believe it or not, today is the first day of Spring! It’s time to get out of hibernation and join the living once again. It may still be a bit (or really) dreary outside, but once that sun starts shining through the windows, you may soon discover a gunky kitchen you hardly recognize. Take this opportunity stuck indoors to start prepping for hosting dinners, tea parties, BBQs, and in general having a social life from your home once more. Get your kitchen ready in time for Spring with these Spring Cleaning tips. Continue reading

Cleaning Your Oven With Steam Clean from GE Appliances

There are few as challenging chores as cleaning the oven. Spills that happen during the oven cycle quickly bake onto the surface. Whether it’s melted cheese from your secret lasagna recipe or bubbling blueberry sweetness from your grandmother’s pie, spillovers leave a real mess. When they’re overlooked, and they’re very easily overlooked, the simple spillover quickly becomes one tough mamma jamma to remove. There are plenty of mistakes that can be made when removing charred foods, such as scraping the oven lining with abrasive materials or using harsh chemicals that can equally damage the oven lining. Fortunately GE Appliances offers a Steam Clean cleaning cycle to easily remove baked on foods.
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Fisher & Paykel’s True Built-In Refrigerator Sized Just For You

Nothing says luxury like the look and fit of built-in refrigerators. They fit perfectly flush with your cabinetry for the ultimate custom look, comparable to your favorite celebrity chef’s kitchen. However, these bad boys are pretty huge, rising over 80 inches tall and around 48 inches wide. They can also take up a large chunk of your budget, ranging anywhere from $7,000 to $11,000. The typical homeowner with a small to medium-sized kitchen may not be able to fit these specialty refrigerators into their kitchen or into their budget.
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