How Tariffs On Steel And Aluminum Will Affect Appliances

With the recent news of tariffs being placed on steel and aluminum imports from Canada, Mexico, and Europe, you may be wondering as a consumer how this change will impact your life. Both of these metals are obviously critical raw resources for machinery, from airplanes and automobiles to pipelines and – you guessed it – major kitchen and laundry appliances.
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Fisher & Paykel’s True Built-In Refrigerator Sized Just For You

Nothing says luxury like the look and fit of built-in refrigerators. They fit perfectly flush with your cabinetry for the ultimate custom look, comparable to your favorite celebrity chef’s kitchen. However, these bad boys are pretty huge, rising over 80 inches tall and around 48 inches wide. They can also take up a large chunk of your budget, ranging anywhere from $7,000 to $11,000. The typical homeowner with a small to medium-sized kitchen may not be able to fit these specialty refrigerators into their kitchen or into their budget.
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5 Reasons Luxury Appliances Are Worth Every Penny

From reaching into the fridge for a fresh bottle of sparkling water to searing lamb chops to perfection, it is clear that appliances truly make the kitchen. Regardless of your kitchen budget, you will want to select appliances that provide lasting quality and proficiency for the long run. Luxury appliances offer this guarantee along with the features and performance to make life simple and more enjoyable. But are luxury appliances worth the money? Find out why they are below!
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