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Choosing The Right Range For Your Kitchen

Posted on Dec 1st, 2021

Whether you’re remodeling a kitchen or upgrading your current one, purchasing a new range can be an exciting task. Today’s ranges have the features and cooking technologies to elevate your cooking skills, from convection and Air Fry cooking methods to adjustable burners and touchscreen displays. We run through a variety of decisions you will need to make to help you answer the tough questions.

Gas, Electric, or Induction Cooktop?
The type of fuel you choose for your cooktop will depend on your cooking preference, budget, and setup. Gas cooktops require - you guessed it - gas. So if you don’t have a gas line hooked up for your oven, you will want to consider the additional cost, or opt for electric or induction cooktop. If your cooking habits require accurate temperatures and immediate responsiveness, gas and induction are your best option. However, if your budget is on the lower end, an electric cooktop is likely your best choice.


Is Luxury Worth It?
Should you splurge on a luxury range or will a regular one work just as well? The answer depends on your preference and budget. Just like with cars, luxury appliances may serve the same general purpose as a less expensive appliance, but will come with all the bells and whistles, durable materials, and generally overall better experience. However, they can be far more expensive so it will be worth weighing out the costs and benefits to your personal lifestyle. If you mostly cook frozen meals a few times a week and eat out the rest of the other nights, you probably won’t get a lot out of a luxury appliance. But if you have a love for cooking and enjoy trying out complicated dishes, a luxury appliance may be worth the cost.


Double or Single Oven?
Most ranges feature a single oven with a few racks for you to cook multiple dishes in at the same time and temperature. Other ranges actually feature two ovens; a smaller upper oven and a larger lower oven. A double oven range allows you to cook multiple dishes at two different temperatures and settings, ideal for those who typically cook large meals with different cooking requirements. But keep in mind a double oven range will likely have less capacity or may omit the bottom drawer many families find useful. Whether you choose a single or double oven will depend on your cooking habits, as well as budget since double oven ranges typically cost a bit more than their single oven counterparts.


Do You Really Need WiFi Connectivity?
The future of appliances is connectivity, such as controlling your oven features from your smart device and automatic updates to keep your oven up to par with your growing expectations. Whether you opt for WiFi-connected range is dependent on convenience and budget. WiFi-connected ranges typically cost more than traditional ovens but potentially offer endless cooking settings and the convenience of controlling aspects and receiving important alerts about your range.


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