For the Love of Color

Designers usually recommend choosing a neutral palette when it comes to your kitchen. Is it because they just want you to be bored in your kitchen while they have all the fun in their own? Hardly. There are actually many good reasons why neutral is the way to go. One reason is it’s much easier to sell a home with a neutral kitchen. A kitchen can literally sell a house and you really don’t want those pink cabinets holding a buyer back (though I’m sure they do look lovely against your teal walls!). Another reason is that styles and tastes tend to change over the years. Is your style the same as it was 10 years ago? Kitchens are investments and you don’t want to feel the urge to replace items that are difficult and expensive to change out just because your taste naturally changes over time.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t still have color!

In fact, a neutral palette is the perfect backdrop to enhance your favorite color combos. Here we will show you a few of our favorite ways you can add color that gives your kitchen a punch of your personality while being easily adjustable to your ever-changing style.

Unique, colorful dishes can be displayed as hanging art on the wall or add a touch of organized color on an open shelf.

Fabrics give you the freedom to combine as many different colors and patterns as you want! Use some neutrals with a pop of color or mix it up with all sorts of hues!

Don’t overlook the beauty of nature when it comes to your home. Plants and flowers are not only beautiful, they add some refreshing life to a dull kitchen.

Functional Pieces
Before you clear your countertops entirely, consider displaying functional items like colorful canisters, boxes, and recipe holders that add some much needed flare.

What’s your favorite way to add color to your kitchen?