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Healthy Habits You Can Actually Keep

Posted on Dec 31st, 2021

Another year has arrived along with new beginnings and new hopes. It is a time in which many people around the world plan for a fresh start by setting their New Year’s resolutions. Some of the most common resolutions revolve around setting healthy habits. After all the holiday sweets and treats added in with winter hibernation, it really is a great time to reset some health goals to get back in shape and eat healthy. However, we typically set such high goals that we give up after a few weeks. Here are some simple, healthy habits you can actually achieve.

Move in 10-Minute Sets
Moving your body every day can give you some wonderful health benefits, such as keeping your heart healthy and giving you more energy. However, the thought of starting a daily exercise routine can feel too time-consuming, from putting on exercise clothes and working out for 30 minutes to showering and changing into new clothes again. A simple routine you can keep throughout the day is to move in 10-minute increments to keep your blood flowing and get stronger. Take a step away from your computer a few times a day to stretch, squat, or do some jumping jacks.


Wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses
If we’re not staring at the computer all day for work, we’re staring too long at our phones or TV after work. Looking into the blue light on electronics can have some adverse effects on our health, from blurry vision and eyestrain to dry eye and cataracts. Studies have also proved that blue light can suppress the secretion of melatonin that helps us sleep at night. The amount of time you spend on screens may not be up to you, especially if it’s part of your job. However, a simple habit to reduce the negative effects of blue light is to wear blue light blocking glasses each time you get on an electronic.


Add A Veggie To Your Meals
Changing your eating habits suddenly can be very difficult and actually create withdrawals. If you typically don’t eat well-balanced meals each day, it can be hard to suddenly change to a keto diet or some extreme pattern. Forming a habit typically happens over time - not suddenly. If you want to stick with eating healthy, take some small, achievable steps, such as adding a vegetable to a meal you typically wouldn’t have. Add in some cooked spinach or broccoli to your breakfast eggs, a few lettuces leaves to your sandwich, and a veggie side to your dinner.


Take a Mental Break Each Day
Your overall health is not just physical health - it also includes your mental health. Most people make a resolution to reduce stress by cutting out certain stressors or responsibilities. While it’s good to cut out stressors you can do without, it’s not always possible to quit your stressful job or remove the stresses of parenting. Instead, form some healthy habits that allow you to have the mental capacity to get through those stresses. This could be taking a few minutes each day to separate yourself from the stresses of work, putting on some noise-canceling headphones and giving your brain some silence for 10 minutes, or taking a relaxing bath at night.

Creating healthy habits is a great way to start off 2022! Find out how your freezer can help you keep healthy eating habits at our blog: The Freezer Can Help You Achieve Your Goals



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