The Appliance With A Cult Following

It’s rare to hear about a cult following when it comes to major appliances. Harry Potter? Of course. Star Trek? Definitely! But an appliance brand? Well, we’ve heard of Potterheads and Trekkies but never a fandom group called The Washers or Little Fridgies. Still, one appliance brand has managed to craft an appliance that separates itself from the other brand names and create a following you could almost call “cult-like.”

Are you envisioning a refrigerator that comes with a personal chef or a dishwasher sponsored by Tom Brady? While both of those ideas would you be really awesome and probably something a developer and marketing team should jump on immediately, the brand is Speed Queen and they sell (what appear to be) basic washers and dryers. If you haven’t heard of Speed Queen before, that is because they don’t actually do national advertisements. They also don’t sell their products in big box stores. Instead, they mostly focus on developing commercial-grade washers and dryers durable for laundromats and now for your home.

Instead of an LCD touchscreen, Wi-Fi connectivity, and all the other fancy features washers have these days, many Speed Queen washers have just basic features like a manual dial knob and a handful of wash settings. In fact, their most popular models are top-load and basic white. What makes them so different from other washers is their durability and reliability. Speed Queen washers and dryers are built in America so there is a higher level of quality control. Made with the highest quality materials and parts, these washers and dryers are built to last and expected to perform for 20 years and beyond. The basic features also make these laundry appliances incredibly easy to operate. You don’t have to learn a new language just to understand what these washers do and they’re also easily repairable. 

Speed Queen washers receive the most comments on the internet, with a 4.5-star review from over 200 reviews on Amazon. Consumer Reports even reported that Speed Queen top-loaders are some of the most reliable washers on the market, based on a survey of more than 115,000 subscribers.

While these washers and dryers are not necessarily the cheapest on the market, keep in mind they are built to last for 20 years so you will save bunches in the long-run. The best part of all is that we keep a few of these washers and dryers in stock for super fast delivery (see our website for the ones with the words “Express Delivery” next to it) so that you, too, can join our Speed Queen fandom group ASAP. We’re thinking about calling ourselves “The Speedies” or just “Queens,” but nothing has been decided yet.