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The more we cook at home, the more necessary it is to have a functional kitchen. An additional sink can take your kitchen to the next level.2SinksPrep Sink It doesn't get much grosser than rinsing a raw chicken over a sink full of dirty dishes, especially if you've ever accidentally dropped it. With a second sink, you can have a dedicated prep sink to accomplish all your rinsing and draining. Prep tools, such as knives, appliances, colanders, and mixing bowls, can then be stored next to your prep sinks for easy accessible and smooth movement.2Sinks2Cleanup Area Although it's ideal to have your sink cleared of dishes at all, that's not always the realty. Sometimes dishes require an extra soak and must be left in the sink, or maybe your busy schedule didn't allow for both cleanup and meal prep. With a second sink, you can have a dedicated cleanup area for cleanup. Storing your dishes, plates, silverware, and serving pieces near your cleanup sink and dishwasher will improve efficiency.2Sinks7Dual Cooks In Harmony With only one sink, it's almost impossible to not get in each other's way and eventually start a proverbial brawl over the faucet. Even a large kitchen will begin to feel cramped when two or more people are having to move around just one sink. However, two sinks eliminates this problem by allowing multiple cooks to work in harmony for a common goal of an amazing meal.2Sinks1Even Better For Single Cook Preparing a meal can take twice as long when a cook has to stop in the middle of a task to empty a sink full of dishes. With two sinks, a solo cook can move swiftly through the kitchen when he/she has a dedicated prep sink for rinsing and cutting up foods and a cleanup sink to place dirty dishes in as he/she moves along. The cooking process is suddenly more enjoyable and efficient.2Sinks4 Where To Place A Second Sink A second sink is only as functional as its location permits it to be. Island. Since the first sink is usually next to the dishwasher along the outer cabinetry, designers typically place the second sink in the island. This placement allows the sink to fit perfectly within your kitchen's work triangle. It's also not in the way of the first sink for optimal efficiency for two cooks. WorkStation. Instead of being a part of your current work area, you can place the second sink away from the main sink to create an entirely separate workstation. This allows easy water access without having to get in the cook's way. Wet bar. A wet bar is perfect for entertaining guests. If you don't have a wet bar, just simply reserve an area in your kitchen for a small sink suitable for adding water to cocktails and doing easy cleanup.  Coffee station. Coffee and tea is such a fixture in most of our lives that it seems natural to set aside a special place to brew it. An extra sink next to your coffee station allows you to fill, pour, and serve your hot beverages with ease (because who wants to travel all the way to the main sink first thing in the morning?). Where will you put your second sink?  

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