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crop_squareWho will design and plan the project?

crop_squareIs the Designer experienced?

crop_squareDoes Designer use updated technology to design (2020 System)?

crop_squareWill project be measured accurately in advance?

crop_squareIs Designer a current member of NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association)?

crop_squareHow long has Designer been doing this type of work?

crop_squareWill plans be reviewed by someone else prior to ordering? (2nd pair of eyes)


crop_squareWhat Style of Cabinet / Modern, Contemporary, Traditional, Classical, Shaker,

crop_squareHow is cabinet constructed? Plywood or furniture board? Plywood is best

crop_squareIf painted cabinetry, how is paint applied? Does company use Ultra Violet process?

crop_squareWhat is warranty on cabinetry?

crop_squareWho will warrant the cabinets?

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crop_squareWhat type of countertop? Granite, Solid Surface, Laminate, Quartz?

crop_squareWill countertop need to be sealed?

crop_squareWho will fabricate countertop and how will countertop be manufactured?

crop_squareHow will template of countertop be done? Traditional tape measure or laser?

crop_squareWhat will be used for backplash? Tile or painted?


crop_squareHow about appliances?

crop_squareWho will install the appliances?

crop_squareWho will service appliances?

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crop_squareWhat about flooring materials? Wood, tile, vinyl or stone?

crop_squareWho will install flooring?

crop_squareWhat about existing floor?

crop_squareHow many layers?

crop_squareShould same be removed?

crop_squareWhat is condition of subfloor especially in sink area where moisture has accumulated?

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Kitchen Installer/Contractor

crop_squareWho will install kitchen?

crop_squareWill that person or company be properly licensed?

crop_squareWill the project be covered by 3 way insurance (Auto – General – Workman's Comp)

crop_squareDoes the installer obtain proper permits required for project?

crop_squareHow many projects has the installer been responsible for in the past?

crop_squareDoes the Installation company have a track record with BBB?

crop_squareWhat type of warranty comes with project?

crop_squareIs a copy of warranty available to me?

crop_squareWho will honor this warranty?

crop_squareHow are payments structured? Is 100% payment required in advance?

crop_squareWhat about damages caused during construction?

crop_squareDoes Installation company have a Quality Control Manager who will visit job site?

crop_squareWhat about communication during the project?

crop_squareWho will keep me informed?

crop_squareIs there a Project Manager?

crop_squareDo I need to be my own Project Manager?

crop_squareHow long will project take?

crop_squareWill project be installed in a timely manner?

crop_squareDoes company abide by EPA Regulations?

crop_squareIs construction company Lead Safe certified by EPA?

crop_squareWhat if I am not satisfied with finished project?

crop_squareIs there a Person to communicate with?

crop_squareAre there any testimonials available?

crop_squareWhat about photos or renderings of previous projects?

crop_squareWill plans be reviewed by someone else prior to ordering? (2nd pair of eyes)

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crop_squareWho will do the electrical work? (Carpenter or Electrician)?

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crop_squareWill the plumbing work be performed by a qualified plumber?

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crop_squareIs there Gas work involved?

crop_squareIf so, who will disconnect and reconnect gas lines?


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