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JDPSG244LS Dishwasher Product Review


This is the 39-decibel pocket handle, top control JennAir dishwasher with interior lighting, and stainless steel exterior and interior. This dishwasher includes a slim 3rd rack, an added knife holder, and 6 stemware clips. Don’t worry about trying to match handles. It’s the perfect addition to your kitchen suite no matter what brand your other appliances are. Enjoy its sleek appearance without sacrificing great performance. This model can also be upgraded with either the Noir™ or Rise™ bar handle.

At only 39 decibels, one of the quietest dishwashers on the market, you will never have to sacrifice your kitchen conversations or watching your favorite tv show while washing dishes.

Explore the features of this model

Cycle Options

Do your dishes the way you want to with multiple options: Precision Dry® Plus, condensation drying, steam finish, and much more.

Target Cleaning

Utilize the various cycles to customize the wash on your dishes. Just have a few things to wash? You can run just the bottom rack or middle rack, saving time and energy. Use the cookware cycle to get those cooked-on messes clean, or select the crystal cycle for those delicate pieces that you use every holiday.

Advanced Drying

Drying dishes is a breeze; by selecting the Precision Dry® Plus feature you can ensure even drier plastics with a combined use of the heated dry and a fan. Prefer a more natural drying? De-select active dry to dry your dishes using condensation drying.

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Experience this JennAir dishwasher in person at any of our 16 convenient locations in Maryland and Virginia where we have live showrooms that feature the top-leading dishwashers in the industry. Stop by and test out any of our dishwashers and decide which works best for you. Easily see the pricing information or choose “Find a Store” to find the closest appliance store near you.

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