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Kitchen Styles Explained: Transitional, Contemporary, & Modern Farmhouse

Posted on November 3rd, 2021

What’s your kitchen style? Are you a Joanna Gaines with Benjamin Moore grey paint paired with white shiplap or a Jennifer Jones with unique wallpaper and modern touches? Sometimes it’s not so easy to squeeze our personal taste into one category. Thankfully, just like music genres, there are kitchen styles that refer to a blend of different styles. If you’re not sure exactly what style you like best or would work well in your home, we explain three popular styles right here so you can better communicate your vision with your kitchen designer.


Transitional style is one of the most popular kitchen styles today thanks to its versatility. Kitchens with transitional style blend the contemporary look with traditional design to create a one-of-a-kind look. Transitional palettes typically include mostly white, then neutral colors, then bold colors such as blue. Cabinets are usually recessed-panel doors such as the popular shaker style and hardware is generally more modern. Countertops are usually low-maintenance quartz and are thick and may feature a waterfall design. You will also usually find small sections of tile, possibly in a geometric pattern. While stainless steel appliances are most popular in these kitchens, you can also opt for panel-ready appliances that allow the unit to blend in with surrounding cabinetry.

Contemporary kitchens blend modern design with minimalist aesthetic. Considered modern luxury, these kitchens feature clean lines, rich hardware, and sleek cabinetry. Contemporary kitchens typically have an open concept and try to make room for an island for entertaining. Inside these kitchens, you will find luxurious touches like built-in or paneled appliances. Cabinets are rich and can feature a slab door design in high gloss white or lush colors, or wood paneling. Hardware includes rich metals like gold or brass and with minimalist detailing. The minimalist design allows for a few statement pieces like a large built-in refrigerator or an elaborate backsplash behind the range.

Modern Farmhouse
The modern farmhouse style is the perfect blend of the traditional country look with a contemporary design. This style pairs a comfy and cozy design found in farmhouse kitchens with a clean aesthetic found in contemporary kitchens to create a warm, thoughtful space. Modern farmhouse kitchens typically feature the coveted farmhouse aspects like whites and creams, raw materials such as exposed beams or butcher blocks, and dark iron hardware and lighting features. However, these features are usually dressed in a contemporary style that embraces minimalist design, clean lines, and modern appliances.

Want to know more? Schedule an appointment with one of our kitchen designers to discover which kitchen style suits you and your home best.



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