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The Galleria Of Stone

Marva is an East Coast Natural Stone Wholesale Distributor that specializes in working with Fabricators, Kitchen & Bath Dealers, Architects, and Builders.

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granite countertops


Granite lies at the forefront of sophistication and practicality. This natural stone offers the elegance and grace you desire, combined with the heat resistance and durability you need.

limestone countertops


Often considered the mother stone of marble, travertine and onyx, Limestone’s presence throughout history makes it the quintessential choice for modern day homes seeking old world charm.

Marble countertops


From Michelangelo’s David to the Palace of Versailles, marble has been a cherished symbol of luxury and refinement throughout history — and remains a popular choice for discerning homeowners and builders today.

Onyx countertops


Rare and translucent, onyx is a luxurious focal point that catches light and seems to glow from within.

Precioustone countertops


The rarity and appeal of gems have inspired legends and fantasies for centuries. With Precioustone, you can bring this legacy into your home’s interior design.

Quartzite countertops


Quartzite is a Natural Stone that is taking center stage in the design world, as appreciation grows for the marble-like appearance combined with granite-like durability and application possibilities, which this remarkable stone provides.

Sintered Stone countertops

Sintered Stone

Neolith is the natural choice for any design space. The sintered compact surface product is a modern design solution ideal for a number of interior and exterior surfaces.

Slate countertops


Slate is a beautiful and unique material, consisting of densely compacted strata of clay or volcanic ash. This unique make-up results in a delicate layered appearance, softly sweeping across the stone.

Soapstone countertops


Soapstone is undeniably beautiful — and people have appreciated this soft stone for millennia due to its incredible ability to absorb and radiate heat.

Soft Quartzite countertops

Soft Quartzite

Soft Quartzite is often compared to Marble, because of its overall appearance and properties; however, Soft Quartzite’s strength is superior to that of Marble. This attribute, combined with a heavy-duty sealer, can provide an excellent and adaptable choice for discerning homeowners and builders.

travertine countertops


Formed in hot springs and limestone caves, travertine’s textured and fibrous appearance wraps its surroundings in natural warmth and energy.


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