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Microwave, Convection, Advantium, Oh My!

Are you preparing to buy a microwave but not sure which one is best for you? Today's technology goes above and beyond popping a buttery bag of popcorn or merely reheating leftovers. That little leftover-zapper can now cook gourmet-quality meals. With different heating technologies such as microwave energy, convection, and Advantium, it can get a little confusing as to which one is best for your cooking needs. Below we compare these the three technologies to help you make the right decision for your cooking needs. Advantium3 The Conventional Microwave Microwave energy was a major breakthrough to the modern day home when it was first introduced in the 1960s. In scientific terms, the countertop microwave uses microwave energy at low frequencies to agitate molecules until they begin to vibrate and generate heat. In layman's terms - put food in little box, hit buttons and wait. Today's miicrowave will heat food efficiently and quickly but will not brown or bake like a conventional oven. GE MicrowaveCountertop, built-in, and over-the-range microwaves range anywhere from $90 - $450 depending on the features. GE Appliances' microwaves include popular features such as a sleek appearance and a trimming kit for a cohesive look, sensor cooking controls, optimal defrosting power, charcoal filters and venting systems (for OTR models), extra large turntable, 10 power levels, and one-touch instant operation. Microwave3Whether cooking isn't your thing or you're just a Hungry-Man XXL kind of person, a simple microwave is probably all you need. Shop GE Microwaves here. GE Microwave The Convection Microwave A convection microwave is a combination of a conventional microwave and a convection oven. Not only can it heat foods, it can brown and bake them. Unlike a conventional microwave, convection microwaves utilize airflow with a fan to circulate the air from the heating element evenly throughout the inside in order to preheat and bake foods such as cookies, casseroles, and roasts (though certain foods will not bake as well in a convection microwave as they will in an actual oven, such as grain-based cakes). Convection3 Convection ovens used to be quite expensive but have since dropped in price overtime, ranging between $600 - $800. They range in the middle as far as price and features - more versatile than a regular microwave but not as efficient at crisping foods quite as the Advantium. GE Profile™ Convection microwaves feature large capacity and removable rack so you can cook larger quantities of your family’s favorites meals. Plus sensor cooking controls automatically adjusts time and power for delicious cooking results every time. Convection1 If you're needing a microwave that doubles as an oven for most of your favorite foods but also want to keep things on the affordable side, a convection microwave is the perfect solution for you. Shop GE Convection Microwaves here. Convection2 The Microwave With Advantium™ Technology The over-the-range oven gives you Advantium technology in a space-saving package. GE's exclusive Advantium technology uses the power of light to cook your foods to their peak performance. By combining halogen bulbs, microwave energy, and True European Convection, the Advantium microwave is able to cook your foods both quickly and evenly. Baked potatoes are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside and chicken is perfectly browned on the outside and moist on the inside. Advantium1GE Advantium features Quickcook mode that let's you bake a whole 5-lb chicken in 33 minutes! With over 175 preprogrammed settings, the Advantium does all the work so you can bring gourmet-quality results to the table (and in the time that you need them!). Advantium2If you have a busy schedule of soccer practices and ballet but strive to provide a home cooked meal or just love to entertain on a whim, look no further than the Advantium™ Microwave. Shop GE Microwaves with Advantium™ Technology here.Advantium Which microwave would you choose?

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