Jenn-Air® High-End Appliances

You can’t go far in the kitchen design world without hearing about Jenn-Air appliances. Known for their sophisticated design and exceptional performance, Jenn-Air’s luxury kitchen appliances are designed with the features to elevate your cooking and entertaining experience. Jenn-Air appliances are specially crafted with the thoughtful details and professional touches to give every kitchen an unprecedented edge. Experience Jenn-Air’s revolutionary performance and sleek designs, from its professional-style ranges and stylish built-in refrigerators to its innovative connected double wall ovens. Continue reading

Featured Appliances: GE Door in Door & Whirlpool’s Sunset Bronze

At Bray and Scarff, we’re not only excited to keep up with the latest trends and technologies in the kitchen world, we’re also so excited to share them with you! From incredible features like the two-step drying process of the Advanced ProDry System found in select KitchenAid dishwasher that allow your dishes to come out perfectly dry every load, to the advanced machinery of the GE Monogram pizza maker that can perfectly crisp your homemade pizza in only two minutes so everyone in your home can have a personal pizza, we are loving how technology continues to advance to simplify every aspect of your home life. This month we’re excited to share the GE Profile™ Door in door refrigerator with premium features and a brand new finish unlike any other from Whirlpool that will make your kitchen glow like a Havana sunset!
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Be Bold With KitchenAid Black Stainless Steel

With its timeless look, durability, and heat-resistance capabilities, stainless steel has dominated the kitchen design world. However, growing consumer needs have called for a new and updated finish that combines a modern look with the same benefits of stainless steel. Pioneers of the appliance industry, KitchenAid innovators were the first to introduce black stainless steel, a darker alternative to stainless steel.

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Our Favorite Panel-Ready Refrigerators

Luxury kitchens are full of elegance and the details that make you actually want to spend more time in the kitchen. The best part of any luxury kitchen is that it is customized to reflect your personal, unique taste and aspirations. These upscale kitchens are achieved by combining the finest materials with cutting-edge technologies and high-end appliances. A hallmark of the modern luxury kitchen is the integrated refrigerator. Now taking on the role of a “culinary preservation center,” integrated refrigerators are designed to perfectly blend into surrounding cabinetry to create a tailor-made, seamless look. The custom-panel refrigerator offers the perfect canvas for creative expression to meet today’s homeowner’s desire for personalization in both form and function. Continue reading

Thermador Favorites

Since its inception in the early 1900s, Thermador appliances have been revolutionizing the kitchen with its innovative line of appliances. Synonymous with luxury, Thermador has been making the kitchen more efficient, more beautiful, and more sophisticated with appliances designed to ignite the flame of imagination. Inspired by everything culinary, Thermador specializes in cooking appliances, such as ovens, cooktops, ranges, refrigerators, and dishwasher. These luxury appliances offer your kitchen with quality craftsmanship, exceptional design, and culinary performance. Of all its innovative designs, Thermador is most recognized for its exclusive, patented Star® Burner and Pro Grand Range. The time is now to exceed the ordinary and create unforgettable experiences in the kitchen!
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The Design of GE Black Slate™

As the kitchen design world continues heating up with new alternative finishes to stainless steel, especially black stainless steel, trailblazer GE Appliances recently introduced a new finish unlike any other. To be at the forefront of appliance finishes, GE engineered GE Slate™ finish a few years back to offer you the option of a sleek, warmer alternative to stainless steel. To expand on its success with GE Slate™, the masterminds at GE Appliances developed the darker GE Black Slate™. Continue reading

Featured Appliances: GE Monogram French Door Oven & Pizza Oven

It’s time to savor the possibilities of GE Monogram luxury appliances, featuring the most advanced cooking features in the world. Explore some of our customer’s favorite appliances below – the GE Monogram 30” French Door Oven and the GE Monogram 30” Pizza Oven – then elevate how you live with your very own showstoppers at Bray & Scarff.

GE Monogram 30” French Door Wall Oven
Baking your favorite dishes has never been so simple with the advanced design of the GE Monogram French Door Wall Oven. Unlike conventional oven doors, the ergonomic french door design allows you to easily open your oven without ever straining your back from bending or leaning over, especially when placing and removing a large dish. Continue reading

Featured Appliances: Sub-Zero & Wolf PRO 48

For a kitchen that stands the test of time, only the highest quality appliances from Sub-Zero & Wolf will do. These gorgeous, high-end appliances are innovated to satisfy every culinary desire and aspiration, and designed with the sophisticated styling that will always leave the best first impression. Foods stored at their peak freshness and cooked in the industry’s most advanced cooking system come together to produce the gourmet results you didn’t know were possible. Introducing the Sub-Zero PRO 48 refrigerator and Wolf PRO 48 gas range. Welcome to luxury!
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Spring Clean Your Kitchen

Believe it or not, today is the first day of Spring! It’s time to get out of hibernation and join the living once again. It may still be a bit (or really) dreary outside, but once that sun starts shining through the windows, you may soon discover a gunky kitchen you hardly recognize. Take this opportunity stuck indoors to start prepping for hosting dinners, tea parties, BBQs, and in general having a social life from your home once more. Get your kitchen ready in time for Spring with these Spring Cleaning tips. Continue reading