KitchenAid Celebrates 100 Years!

It’s always impressive when a company can stay in business for an entire century, but when it comes to Kitchenaid – it’s no surprise. Inspired by makers and creators, KitchenAid has transformed the kitchen from a place of work into the heart of the home where memories are made and cherished. Known for its advanced kitchen technologies and innovative designs since its inception in 1919, KitchenAid has continued its mission to be “the best kitchen aid” ever by bringing you some of sleekest kitchen appliances on the market. Over the last 100 years, KitchenAid has made its way to the forefront of kitchen appliances to becoming the trusted name you know today.

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Designing An “Age In Place” Kitchen

As we age, even simple tasks can become daunting. From navigating through tight spaces with sharp edges to bending down to reach into low appliances, kitchens can quickly become a frightening place for the elderly. The kitchen also happens to be a place we spend a lot of time in, so losing that self-sufficiency can become very disheartening for anyone. However, you can create a kitchen space that is “age in place” friendly. By incorporating thoughtful “age in place” features to your kitchen, you can enhance its usability, maintain your independence and comfort,  increase the safety of those who use it. Whether you’re designing or renovating a kitchen for your forever home or for an elderly or disabled loved one, here are some details to incorporate into your kitchen design.

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Why You Need A Custom Installer

When planning your new kitchen build or kitchen remodel, you may become tempted to do some of the projects yourself to save money. In a world of DIYer and YouTube videos, a lot of the projects that once seemed impossible to do on your own may suddenly seem feasible. Those blogs and videos can actually be very educational, especially with making small projects like installing faux shiplap in a bedroom or how to change your car’s oil. However, when it comes to a large investment like a kitchen remodel, the last thing you want to do is cheap out where it counts.

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Round-Up: Our Favorite Fall Recipes

Fall is hands down our favorite season for cooking and baking. There’s nothing that gives us all the Fall “feels” quite like escaping the crisp chill outside to entering a home and being met with the warm scents of flaky pastries, apple cider, rich caramels, and everything pumpkin spice! We just love cooking up hearty dishes that warm the soul, from soups and stews to squash casseroles and pot roast. With the abundance of seasonal foods, it’s no wonder Thanksgiving takes place in the Fall! In fact, Fall cooking has us so pumped, we can’t even remember what you’re supposed to make for Spring and Summer. Lemon bars?

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Customize Your Appliances With The Café Matte Series

Your kitchen appliances play a significant part in your kitchen’s style. However, they are also a long-lasting investment so you can’t really just switch them out as often as you do your kitchen decor, unless, of course, you want to spend thousands of dollars each year. This limitation discourages many people from keeping up with the latest trends so they’re stuck with a kitchen that feels outdated and unfashionable. That is, up until now. The new line from GE, now titled a simple and modish “Café”, offers you something you never had before – a way to accessorize your appliances to reflect your unique personality. Continue reading

How Tariffs Are About To Impact Your Kitchen Remodel

Recently we discussed how (and possibly when) the recent tariffs on steel and aluminum will increase the cost of major kitchen and laundry appliances. Now we shift our focus onto the new round of tariffs that have been placed on Chinese homebuilding and remodeling products. A recent decision was made to place a 10% tariff on $200 billion worth of Chinese imports which includes $10 billion of goods used exclusively by the residential construction sector. This round of tariffs, which increase up to 25% in January, could have major consequences on the housing industry as a whole. Continue reading

How To Choose The Perfect Wall Oven For You

The season for warm, hearty meals has arrived! Whether you start planning your infamous Holiday parties the day after New Years or it’s your turn to host the family gathering, your oven plays a vital part in all the Holiday activity. A wall oven can be a great addition to your kitchen this Fall to handle your Holiday hosting and entertaining. With all the different styles and options, it can be difficult to pick the right wall oven for your specific kitchen and lifestyle. Here we go over the wall oven basics to help you find the perfect wall oven for you! Continue reading

5 Backsplash Designs You Won’t Want To Miss

Your kitchen’s backsplash plays an important role in protecting your kitchen wall from messy food splatters and harsh cleaning chemicals that are easy to clean. It also plays an important role in potentially providing a beautiful focal point that ties together your kitchen’s entire look. While the kitchen cabinets and countertop are very large, the backsplash is small enough to be the perfect place to add your own personality and style without becoming overwhelming or overly fussy. If you’re still deciding on a backsplash for a new kitchen or ready to add some flair to your existing kitchen, here are 5 different backsplash designs you don’t want to miss. Continue reading