Save Energy And Money With Energy Star Appliances

Being stuck inside during the frigid winter weather naturally makes us more conscientious of how much energy our homes are using. From becoming more aware of the buzzing of the refrigerator and the ever-growing pile of dishes to the excess loads of laundry thanks to the added winter layers, sometimes it feels like all we do is use energy. Plus with the rising heat bill every month, our wallets start feeling it too. Whether you want to save money or reduce your carbon footprint, replacing your old appliances with Energy Star certified appliances is a great way to do both! Continue reading

6 Cabinet Storage Ideas To Optimize Your Kitchen Space

While the outside appearance of your cabinets greatly defines your kitchen’s design and style, the inside greatly defines its functionality. Whether your kitchen moves with you and assists you in achieving your goals throughout your day or becomes congested and discourages workflow comes down to your cabinets. It won’t matter how many items you toss that do not “spark joy” if the remaining items are hard to find and then hard to reach, or how clean your kitchen is if it smells awful. Below we give you six cabinet storage ideas you can add to your kitchen to make it more functional than ever.  Continue reading

Why Cambria® Quartz Is Your Solution To Marble Countertops

Marble is undoubtedly on trend in the kitchen design world. In fact, it’s on trend in just about every design category. It’s the backdrop of a timely Instagram product shot, the background of trendy fashion websites, the top piece of coffee tables and bar carts, and even a print on yoga pants. But it’s most beautiful as a kitchen countertop. Of course, marble has always been held in high regard as a building material – just look at the Ancient Greeks who built the most monumental buildings out of this popular stone which still stands today. Marble is purely timeless and luxurious. It’s neutral enough to complement any kitchen palette and versatile for any style. There’s just one problem: It’s very difficult to maintain. Continue reading

Round-Up: Our January Picks

It’s that time again to reflect on some of our favorites in the latest and greatest kitchen design features and appliances for you to include in your next remodel. At Bray & Scarff, we believe the perfect kitchen radiates both form and function. It should beautifully reflect your unique personality while simplifying your life. This month’s favorite features do just that! Continue reading

Kitchen Trends To Use In 2019

With life’s constant busyness, we’re so glad this year’s kitchen is both soulful and calming. As the kitchen has become the chief room in the home where people naturally migrate to, it is now imperative to have an atmosphere that invokes flowing movement for productivity and calmness for unwinding and letting it all go at the end of the day. While 2018 brought us discreet vent hoods and modern two-toned cabinets, this year brings us a luxurious mix of colors and materials, including soothing matte, sultry blacks, jeweled-tones, and of course silky marble. Once you’ve ditched these dated trends, check out our list of this year’s biggest trends. Continue reading

The Three Series of Schrock® Cabinetry

See your dream kitchen come to life with expertly crafted cabinets from Schrock Cabinetry. Inspired by contemporary and traditional influences, Schrock’s semi-custom cabinets add warmth, texture, and style to your kitchen to reflect your unique personality. Choose from a full selection of fashionable door styles, finishes, glazes, and inspired colors to create the space you envisioned. You can even add a custom look with beautiful wood legs, feet, mouldings, and more. Schrock cabinets are not only classically beautiful on the outside but also surprisingly smart on the inside. Your kitchen will look and function beautifully with thoughtfully planned smart solutions, including self-closing drawers make it easier than ever to access your drawer contents. Even the construction of Schrock cabinets inspires confidence thanks to the combination of sturdy cabinet sides with solid integrated backs so its cabinets are stronger and can bear more weight. Now you can choose the perfect semi-custom solution from Schrock’s three distinct series of cabinetry to suit your evolving lifestyle.

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Prep Your Cold-Weather Kitchen

Fall is one of our favorite seasons! But, of course, doesn’t everyone feel that way? From sipping on hot apple cider while cozying up next to the fire to the smells of pumpkin spice and, of course, all the incredible comfort foods, it’s hard not to love this time of year. Your kitchen plays a big part in creating all your favorite Fall feels, he’s like the guy behind the scenes throwing leaves in the air while you take Instagram-worthy photos. Simmering apple cider, baking spiced bread, and slow-cooking heartwarming soups – all the action happens in the kitchen. So it’s time to get your kitchen ready for hunkering down and creating precious Fall-time memories!
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