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Countertops as Beautiful as They are Functional

The choice of countertops for your kitchen remodel is an important one. You want your countertop to enhance the look of your kitchen, but it also has to be functional. Some materials stand up to heat better than others, whereas some are more resistant to scratches and cuts. Use the chart on this page to help choose the countertop that matches your design-style as well as your cooking-style.

Top Questions

What is the difference between granite and quartz?

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Can I get a countertop without a seam?

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Do I need to pick a slab of quartz or granite?

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Can I have wood countertops?

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What is the most popular type of countertop?

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Is granite less expensive than quartz?

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Each Bray & Scarff showroom offers a variety of materials to help elevate your kitchen remodel, including custom colors by leading manufacturers. How you’ll use your kitchen is as important as what you want it to look like. We offer the expertise to customize your countertops to fit the specific needs of your kitchen.

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Bray & Scarff meticulously selects the countertop brands we offer for your kitchen remodel. They are chosen for their glowing reviews, long-lasting durability and breathtaking beauty.

Granite is a very hard stone that is 100% natural. It is mined in quarries all around the world, cut to size and polished to a fine finish.

Quartz is a man-made material combining ground quartz, resins and pigments, making it a harder surface than granite. The benefit of quartz is that it is stain- and heat-resistant, easier to maintain, non-porous, and highly resistant to mold and bacteria.

The size and shape will determine where and if a seam is needed. Some are without a seam, but many will have a seam. Corian countertops can be made without a seam.

Quartz patterns are very consistent in most slabs. Granite comes in many patterns and variations with no consistency. If you choose granite, you will need to pick the slab.

Yes. We offer custom wood countertops by Grothouse Lumber. The possibilities are limitless.

Because of its durability and ease of maintenance, quartz outsells all other countertops 10 to 1.

Granite comes in different grades and varying prices. Quartz comes in various brands and prices. Granite is not always the least expensive option. It depends on many things, such as the grade, brand, and pattern.

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