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Zephyr pushes the boundaries to deliver unexpected experiences in ventilation and beyond. Specially curated for the consumer who values both form and function, Zephyr luxury ventilation systems powerfully yet silently distribute the freshest air in a variety of elegant designs.

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As pioneers in innovation and design, Zephyr leads the industry forward through innovations such as PowerWave™, Airflow Control Technology™, DCBL® Suppression System, Perimeter Aspiration, Dual Capture Zones, and Dual Filtration to deliver powerful yet peaceful ventilation. Sophisticated features include ICON Touch® Control, Quick-Lock Installation, Self-Cleaning Systems, and Zephyr Connect for a luxury experience with every use.

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Zephyr curates beautiful design for every taste through its three luxury collections of range hoods: Core, Pro, and Design Collections. Taking glamour to new heights, Zephyr vent hood designs are unlike any other, featuring gold, black matte, and stainless steel finishes, metal with glass and sleek curves for a contemporary look, straight lines with industrial design for a professional look, and even discreet mounts for a completely unobstructed look. Choose from canopy, wall, downdraft, and discreet hoods to personalize your kitchen.

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Zephyr PowerWave™ delivers a best-in-class performance with unparalleled quiet operation. It features unique aerodynamic blades to move up to 750 CFM of air and even allows you to combine two blowers together to achieve 1300 CFM!

Airflow Control Technology™
An industry first, Airflow Control Technology™ allows you to limit the maximum blow CFM to 590, 390, or 290 to meet your local code requirements.

Perimeter Aspiration
The Perimeter Aspiration is a unique technique that moves airflow away from the center of the hood to evenly distribute it through the perimeter of the hood to increase air velocity and better capture cooking contaminates.

Dual Capture Zones
The Dual Capture Zones pull air with cooking contaminants through two entry points to improve capture performance.

Zephyr Connect
The Zephyr Connect app seamlessly interacts with your smart devices so you can control your range hood remotely from anywhere or with a simple voice command.


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