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Since 1997, Zephyr has set the industry standard by combining sleek design elements with high-powered performance. Enhance your love of cooking, and increase your enjoyment of it by choosing a range hood ideal for your style and budget

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Performance Versatility

Zephyr continues to lead the industry with innovations such as the PowerWave™ blower, DCBL Suppression System®, Airflow Control Technology™ and Bloom™ HD LED light bulbs. Cutting edge features include ICON Touch® Controls, Quick-Lock Installation and Self-Cleaning Systems–resulting in the most advanced range hood technology available today

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Our products offer a wide range of power and innovation starting with our universal make-up air dampers, exclusive Airflow Control Technology™ (ACT™) and CFM levels ranging from 250 up to 1,300.

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PowerWave Blower™
Designed to deliver best-in-class performance with unparalleled quiet operation, Zephyr PowerWave represents a breakthrough in kitchen technology.

The first range hood blower with three-phase AC power, PowerWave has unique aerodynamic blades to help move up to 750 CFM of air while minimizing noise and improving efficiency. PowerWave is also versatile by allowing you to combine two blowers together to achieve 1,300 CFM, making it the most powerful dual-internal blower on the market. Airflow Control Technology™ ACT™ or Airflow Control Technology, is a proprietary feature that limits blower CFM to ensure your home is safe and in compliance with local make-up air codes. DCBL Suppression System® The DCBL Suppression System is the first range hood motor to use direct current (DC) energy. The result is a system with decreased ambient noise and increased power and efficiency. DCBL hoods include Bloom HD LED lights and an on-board computer that monitors and optimizes your hood's performance. An optional ADA compliant wireless remote control is now available on all DCBL models.


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