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The microwave oven is a staple in the home kitchen thanks to its convenience for quick cooking and reheating of foods. GE has created an array of microwave options for the modern American. One of their newest options is a convection microwave oven, combining the convenience of microwaves with the power of convection cooking. To help you better consider and utilize these awesome new features, let’s take a deeper look into how these machines work. Microwaves heat food by using non-ionizing radiation to cause internal friction within the food and cook it without the machine itself producing its own heat source. They are useful for rapid heating of otherwise slowly prepared foods such as butters and fats, as well as quickly reheating previously cooked foods. GE standard microwaves offer 10+ power levels to accurately cook a variety of foods, a glass turntable for even heating of food, time/weight defrost for frozen foods, and one touch cooking options, for foods commonly cooked in a microwave oven. They also include electronic touch controls, and countertop or wall mount installation options. You can conveniently house your microwave right in the middle of your kitchen for easy access, or store it away in a walk-in pantry if you prefer a minimalist design. A convection oven uses the same principles of a conventional oven with upper and lower heating elements and features strong fans that circulate the heat. This causes the heat to transfer more evenly and quickly than food baking in a conventional oven.   GE’s convection microwave oven takes the efficient features of a microwave and adds the browning, caramelizing effect of a convection oven. It combines the microwave radiation rapid heating with the circulating hot air of a convection oven to both heat and brown the prepared food, creating a perfectly baked pizza complete with crispy edges and melted cheese, ready in half the time of a standard conventional oven. The convection microwave ovens offer 1.7+ cubic feet of space, including 2 racks to conveniently cook multiple items. The racks are removable in order to fit family casseroles and other large dishes and the turntable has a flexible on/off switch. It offers 10+ cooking modes, including boiling and sensor cooking feature that automatically sets the optimal time and power level for the specific food.  GE has even gone so far as to innovate a 3-speed, 300 CFM venting system that removes steam, smoke and odors from your cooktop thus enhancing the kitchen air quality. This bad boy is essentially the 2017 version of a toaster oven on steroids that truly delivers quality cooked foods in record time. Similar to their standard microwave options, GE convection microwaves come in countertop or over-the-range options. They also offer the convection microwave in a built-in combination convection microwave/wall oven option. One our favorite implications of the convection microwave is that it functions as a second oven for holiday and big meal cooking without taking up extra kitchen real estate. Whether you’re looking for the simplicity and ease of fast microwave reheating or the deluxe results of rapidly baked foods, Bray & Scarff carry a variety of GE microwave and convection microwaves to fit your customized kitchen.  
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