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Wall Ovens Vs. Ranges

Posted on Sept 2nd, 2022

When purchasing an oven for your kitchen, you’ll need to decide if you’re going with a range or a wall oven. Each appliance has its own advantages, and which one is right for you will depend on the layout and size of your kitchen, your kitchen style, and your overall budget. Here we discuss the differences between each option to help you determine which one is best for you.

Design & Available Space

The first to consider when choosing between a wall oven and cooktop or a range, you will want to consider the layout and available space in your kitchen. Remember that a kitchen with a single or double wall oven will also need a cooktop which means you will have two different areas for cooking. You will want to consider where these two appliances will be located in relation to each other and whether your kitchen has the flexibility to separate the two. A range combines the cooktop and oven so you only need one area dedicated to cooking but the location may not be ideal. Most people want their cooktop facing outward so they can stir a simmering pot while entertaining their guests (not the same with an oven).



How you will use your oven will affect whether a wall oven or range is best for your kitchen. A double wall oven can have up to 2x the capacity of a traditional range while allowing you to simultaneously cook two dishes at two different temperatures. So if you are a socialite who loves to entertain snazzy dinner parties, the first to offer to host Holiday gatherings, or part of a large family, a wall oven may be the best option for your lifestyle. Otherwise, there is really no need to change your entire kitchen layout to accommodate a double wall oven when the same capacity found in a range will suffice your cooking needs.



Unlike a conventional range that is at the same level of lower cabinets, a wall oven is located closer to eye level. Many people find it easier to put in heavy dishes and take out hot foods from a wall oven since there is no bending, kneeling, or crouching involved. With that said, some do find it difficult to reach over a hot door to access their dishes. In that case, a side-opening or french door oven is a good solution.



As mentioned above, if you opt for a wall oven instead of a range, you will also need to purchase a cooktop. So instead of buying just one appliance as you would with a range, you will now need to buy two appliances. Wall ovens tend to be more expensive than their range counterpart and will need a professional to install them. However, if you love to bake and want to go full-out on an oven but don’t need as high-end of a cooktop, you can save a little money going for a more affordable cooktop.


Come in today to explore our large selection of ranges and wall ovens and discover which features you will benefit the most from. You can also schedule an appointment with one of our kitchen design experts to help you plan a kitchen that will seamlessly accommodate your every cooking need!


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