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From prepping your favorite meals to cleaning up after dinner, your dishwasher plays a significant role in your kitchen living experience. There's much to consider when finding a dishwasher that fits your lifestyle. First consider your regular use of your dishwasher. Do you have a large family that requires multiple loads a day? Do you live by yourself but love hosting dinner parties? The answers to these questions will help you determine the type of washing options that will benefit you the most and if you should plunge for the MyWay Rack (trust me, you should). In order to clean your dishes and clean them well, your dishwasher needs to function flawlessly, from the door to the drain. It also needs to look good while doing it. Bosch1a The Basics There are a few different options to choose from for your dishwasher's design, including the control panel placement and the handle style. Your control panel can either be visible or hidden while your handle can either be a bar or a reach-in. The combination of your control panel and handle creates the following terminology:Bosch6aBar Handle: Hidden controls with a towel-bar style handle. Recessed Handle: Visible controls with a reach-in handle. Scoop Handle: Hidden controls with a small scoop reach-in handle. Pocket Handle: Hidden controls with a long reach-in handle. Custom Panel: Hidden controls with custom panel front to match surrounding decor. Bosch5a Visible or Hidden Control Panel? Before you choose your handle style, you first need to decide whether your controls will be visible or hidden. Visible controls are on the front of your dishwasher near the handle while hidden controls are on the topside of the door. Visible controls allow you to select or change settings without having to open your dishwasher's door. This means you can easily see what's going on with your dishwasher and how much time is left while it's running. While hidden controls can't be accessed during a load, this also means young children won't be messing with it either. Hidden controls also create a flush, seamless look in the kitchen and are easier to clean. So consider your lifestyle when selecting your control panel. Bosch3aBar, Recessed, Scoop, or Pocket Handle? If you decided on a visible control panel, then a recessed handle is the right option for you. However, if hidden controls is more your style, you now need to choose whether you want a bar, scoop, or pocket handle. When it comes to style, you really can't go wrong with either one. A bar handle can match your other home appliances' while also providing a place to store your favorite dish towel. It can also keep your dishwasher cleaner when dripping hands open and close the door. However, some people find the bar that sticks out can sometimes get in the way when working closely to the countertop. Scoop and pocket handles retract backward into the appliance to create a flush look. It's timeless design is never required to match your other appliances. It's surface is also easier to clean. Bosch4a Which dishwasher handle is your favorite?
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