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Design Tips for Remodeling Your Kitchen

Posted on Dec 30th, 2021

Remodeling your kitchen is an exciting endeavor that can quickly become overwhelming. From choosing floor tile to lighting, you can suddenly get lost in the important decisions. Here we provide some basic design tips to focus on.

Get Professional Design Help
Even if you know exactly what you want in your new kitchen, an expert will know some tricks you won’t. They may have design aspects you hadn’t considered before, from making the most out of your cabinet space to selecting a beautiful countertop and appliances in your price range. They can let you know what’s worth splurging on and what’s worth pulling back on so you make the right design decisions you will ultimately be happier with in the long-run. Not to mention a professional designer will have the experience and advice from plenty of other homeowners they have worked with.


Focus On Functionality
It can be easy to get caught up in the fun stuff, like color palettes, different materials, or even on cutting down the budget. However, the main goal with any new kitchen is functionality. It is the space in the home where real work is done, from whipping up difficult recipes to cleaning up after dinner parties. Be sure a main focus of yours is the functionality of each design aspect, such as the location of your appliances, the purpose of your kitchen island, how much storage do you need, and your overall goals of what you want to achieve in the kitchen.


Choose Your Appliances Early On
The appliances you choose will actually have a big impact on your kitchen layout, from how the cabinets will hold up your sink to how your range hood will be vented. By choosing all of your appliances early on, you won’t have sudden construction standstills because you didn’t know the sink you chose would impact where you dishwasher could be located. It also helps to find an appliance store that will hold onto your appliances during remodeling since they are installed last.


Don’t Skimp on Lighting
Lighting can make or break a kitchen, yet it’s rarely considered a significant feature when designing your kitchen. There are three different types of light fixtures to include in your kitchen; recessed fixtures for ambient lighting, under-cabinet lighting to illuminate your workspaces, and pendants/ceiling fixtures that add additional lighting and aesthetic appeal. By including layers of lighting, you will create a welcoming and functioning atmosphere while beautifully displaying the other gorgeous features you put a lot of time and effort into (such as quartz countertops or gold-finished hardware).

At Bray & Scarff, we have the appliances, materials, design professionals, and licensed installers to handle your kitchen remodel from start to finish. Meet our design experts today.



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