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Induction Cooking Efficiency

Posted on April 20, 2023

Induction cooking is the hottest advancement in the modern kitchen right now and is steadily growing in popularity. Induction cooktops promise the best of both worlds, with the heating power of electricity and the responsiveness of gas.

However, unlike conventional methods, induction cooktops use a magnetic energy field instead of channeling direct heat or flame to cook meals. The innovative science behind induction technology offers enhanced energy efficiency, responsiveness, and safety. Let’s take a closer look at what induction cooking really is and if this modern technology is the right fit for you and your home.

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What Is Induction Cooking?

Induction cooking is a method of cooking that uses an electromagnetic field to heat cookware directly, rather than using gas or electric burners to heat the air around it. Unlike traditional stoves, induction cooktops and induction ranges don't use an open flame or radiant heat to transfer heat to the cookware, but instead create an electromagnetic field that induces a current in the metal of the cookware, heating it up directly and faster than gas and electric burners.


How Is Induction Cooking More Efficient?

One of the main advantages of induction cooking is its efficiency. Traditional gas or electric stoves are only about 50-60% efficient at transferring heat to the cookware, while induction stoves and cooktops are up to 90% efficient.

This is because the heat is generated directly in the cookware, which eliminates the need for heat to be transferred through the air or through the surface of the cooktop. Additionally, induction cooktops are faster to heat up and cool down, which means less wasted energy and less time spent waiting for the stove to reach the desired temperature.


The Benefits Of Induction Cooking

Energy Efficient:

A lot of energy is wasted flowing up from the burner around the outside of the pot with conventional gas and electric cooktops. However, induction technology is able to heat up only what needs to be heated with up to 90% of its electric energy being converted to heat the pot.

Electric cooking peaks at around 55%, and natural gas is as low as 50% efficient. Research shows that an induction cooker is 84% efficient at energy transfer, versus 74% for an electric unit or a gas element.

Instant Response:

Induction cooktops waste no time, and when it comes to cooking, time is energy, and energy is money. Since energy is transferred straight to the bottom of the pot or pan rather than heating an element, which then transfers heat to the pan, induction cooktops basically cut out the middle man.

The result is the ability to boil 2 quarts of water in less than 5 minutes, whereas gas stoves take around 8 minutes and electric stoves about 10 minutes. Add or reduce heat immediately and precisely, when food is done, the simple touch of a button instantly cuts off energy distribution so no remaining heat will be wasted into the air.


Induction cooktops are significantly safer than electric cooktops ( hot coils or glass tops) and gas cooktops (open flame). Since energy is transferred only to highly magnetic materials, the surface of the induction cooktop remains completely cool to the touch. In fact, you could place a piece of paper between the cooktop and a pan and it wouldn't catch on fire.

As opposed to a gas cooktop, there is no open flame for oils to splash over and start a fire or any risk of a gas leak. They are also safer than electric cooktops, with no risk of injury from hot coils or glass tops. Plus, if a boil-over occurs, it can quickly be brought under control with the touch of a button thanks to the induction's quick responsiveness.

Easy To Clean:

A smooth glass top design with no obstructions or gaps makes induction cooktops the easiest surfaces to clean (and to keep clean!). You might think they're just as comparable to electric glass tops, but consider the following.

Liquids that boil over onto blazing hot glass surfaces cannot be cleaned up right away (without causing a burn injury) and will become carbonized, resulting in a rigid mess. However, liquids that boil over onto a cool induction surface will result in an immediate and easy cleanup requiring a quick wipe of a cloth.

Stylish Design:

Induction cooktops have a sleek, modern look that can add a touch of style to any kitchen. This Bosch induction cooktop, for instance, boasts a minimalist and high-end look that adds a touch of luxury to any space.


Is Induction Cooking For You?

While induction cooking offers many benefits, you may be wondering if it is the right fit for you. Here are a few things to consider:

Cookware: Induction cooktops require specific types of cookware that are compatible with the electromagnetic field on their cooking zones. If you already have a set of non-magnetic cookware such as high-end cast irons or stainless steel pans, you may need to invest in new cookware.

Cost: Induction technology often has a higher upfront cost than traditional gas and electric technology. It’s important to see if induction appliances fit within your budget.

Environmentally Friendly: If you prioritize having an environmentally friendly home, then induction cooktops are a great option. They are more energy-efficient than gas or electric cooking.

Learning Curve: Like with any new technology, it’s important to note that most home cooks experience a learning curve when using induction technology. For instance, the quick heating speed and responsiveness may change the typical timing needed to cook dishes.


The Best Induction Appliances

If you are wanting to create a modern home with the latest induction cooking appliances, head on over to one of our appliance store locations, such as Frederick, Maryland, or Alexandria, Virginia. Our in-store product experts strive to offer the best customer service and are always happy to help you find the right appliance to fit your budget, needs, and preferences.

Whether you are searching for a sleek slide-in range like this Bosch induction 800 series range or a large induction cooktop like this Fisher & Paykel model, we have something for everyone. With a wide selection of top-performing brands such as Bosch, Fisher & Paykel, Beko, JennAir, Monogram, Wolf, and more, Bray & Scarff is here to help you build your dream luxury kitchen.

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