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New Year's Resolution: Make Your Home A Smart Home

Posted on Dec 1st, 2021

Not too long ago the idea of a “smart” home seemed like just another episode on The Jetsons. But now with smartphones and smart speakers being more prevalent than ever, the smart home is becoming the norm. So what actually makes a smart home? A smart home is an innovative residential space with intelligent appliances and connected devices. When daily tasks are automated, we get more time to focus on doing what we love, whether it’s spending more quality time with family, starting a new hobby, or working our side hustle. So this New Year’s, make it your resolution to take steps to turn your home into a smart home with the following tips.

Purchase A Smart Speaker
Don’t get stuck with your hands wrist-deep in raw chicken and suddenly realize you need to preheat the oven. Thanks to new connective capabilities, you can now control certain features of your appliances with a simple voice command with smart speakers like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Get important updates on your laundry cycle, restart the dryer, make hot water, microwave popcorn, turn on lights, and more all from a simple voice command.


Get The Alerts You Need
Life becomes easier when our home moves with you, not against you. Now you can receive important notifications right on your smart phone about your home’s needs. Stop wondering if you left the oven on once you leave the house and never come home to melted freezer contents thanks to connected appliances. Receive alerts if the oven gets left on, the refrigerator door gets left open, or if you get low on laundry detergent and need to order more. You can even get alerts if your dryer cycle is complete, your water filter needs changing.


View Your Contents
Refrigerators contain our freshest, most perishable ingredients yet we rarely know what’s actually inside them until we start a recipe and realize we’re out of eggs. Instead of leaving the contents of your refrigerator a mystery, opt for a smart refrigerator equipped with an internal camera that allows you to see your food items at any moment. Standing in the dairy aisle, wondering if you need more milk? Use your smartphone to access your refrigerator and know for certain everything you need.


What's Coming Next?
As the new year approaches, we begin to get excited for what new technologies are coming to the appliance world. We expect to see more upgrades automatically added to appliances, such as Air Fry to convection ovens that didn’t originally come with that programmed setting. You will likely see more cameras inside appliances, such as microwaves, to help you monitor your food and items. We also expect to see appliances that learn more about your daily routine so you don’t even have to schedule that hot cup of coffee in the morning - it will be there waiting for you.


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