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Luxury kitchens are full of elegance and the details that make you actually want to spend more time in the kitchen. The best part of any luxury kitchen is that it is customized to reflect your personal, unique taste and aspirations. These upscale kitchens are achieved by combining the finest materials with cutting-edge technologies and high-end appliances. A hallmark of the modern luxury kitchen is the integrated refrigerator. Now taking on the role of a “culinary preservation center,” integrated refrigerators are designed to perfectly blend into surrounding cabinetry to create a tailor-made, seamless look. The custom-panel refrigerator offers the perfect canvas for creative expression to meet today’s homeowner’s desire for personalization in both form and function. Panel-ready refrigerators provide the ability to complement your new or existing kitchen cabinetry with a custom panel affixed to the front of the refrigerator’s doors. You can select either a basic color panel provided by the manufacturer or have your carpenter custom cut a panel that perfectly matches your kitchen’s cabinetry. You can even suit a panel ready refrigerator with any refrigerator and freezer configuration, from French door to side-by-side refrigerators - there’s really no limit. Below we highlight panel-ready refrigerators from the top names in the kitchen appliance world Sub-Zero Pioneers of the iconic built-in refrigerator, Sub-Zero is widely known for their massive, intelligent food preservation systems. Whether you chose partial or completely customized paneling options, Sub-Zero models let you suit your aesthetic and functional preferences perfectly. Thermador Beautifully create the kitchen of your dreams with Thermador’s high-end built-in refrigerators which accept custom cabinet panels of your choice and can be coupled with custom hardware. Jenn-Air Designed to keep ingredients superbly fresh, the custom panels of Jenn-Air’s built-in refrigerator blend into cabinetry, offering a fully flush, fully integrated design. GE Monogram The cabinet-compatible panels from GE Monogram integrate harmoniously with your cabinetry to provide an elegant and seamless appearance. Whether you wish to hide or highlight your refrigerator, Monogram custom-panel refrigerators make your kitchen actually look and feel like your kitchen. Fisher & Paykel The next generation of family size, custom-panel refrigerators from Fisher & Paykel are designed for easy installation and flush fit with minimal gaps to deliver seamless kitchen integration fit and finish. Now that you’ve found all your luxury refrigerator inspiration, contact our designers to schedule an appointment today. What are you waiting for? Your dream kitchen starts here!
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