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Buying a new dishwasher can be a tantalizing task. Walk into any appliance store and you’ll find many stainless steel fronts that are the same size and could practically all be the same appliance. But that’s okay because all you really need is a dishwasher that cleans your dishes, right? Well, and one that isn’t too loud. And requires no extra drying. With the flexibility to fit every type of dish. And, naturally, looks ridiculously good-looking in your kitchen. So how can you make sure the dishwasher you purchase has everything you need? Fortunately, KitchenAid® has the dishwasher features to satisfy your every dishwashing need, and we have the breakdown of each feature to make sure you make an informed decision. dBA This acronym represents decibels which measure the amount of noise your dishwasher will make while running a load. The lower the number, the quieter the appliance. KitchenAid offers dishwashers ranging from 39 decibels to 46 decibels. Each decibel unit is a 30% sound increase (so a dishwasher with 43 dBA is twice as loud as one with 39 dBA). ProWash Now your dishwasher can automatically set a custom cycle for your dishes’ specific wash needs. The KitchenAid’s one-touch ProWash™ Cycle is able to sense soil levels and automatically adjust the cycle time and water usage instantly to achieve the best cleaning performance. Bottle Wash Featuring four dedicated spray nozzles in the upper rack, you can finally get your tall glasses and bottles thoroughly cleaned in your dishwasher instead of handwashing. Each nozzle is adjustable and can be bent to accommodate a wide variety of deep and odd-shaped dishes. 3rd Level Rack Fit more into each load with the KitchenAid third level rack. Sitting above the upper rack, the third level rack maximizes dishwasher capacity by offering clever space for long, flat items such as silverware, spatulas, and measuring spoons. Placing these items in the third rack also opens up more space in the lower and upper racks. ProFilter Wash System Unfortunately, many dishwashers use the same unfiltered water to clean the dishes which can be full of the food particles you wish to remove from your dishes. However, a dishwasher equipped with KitchenAid’s ProFilter™ technology is able to continually remove these food particles from the wash water so your dishes are being cleaned by actual clean water. ProScrub Skip the soaping, soaking, and pre-scrubbing, and send your dishes straight into the dishwasher regardless of the mess. KitchenAid’s innovative ProScrub featuring 40 targeted spray jets that powerfully removes even the most challenging messes, from baked on to caked on.   Window In Door Now you can check on your dishwasher’s cycle with an industry-first window in the door KitchenAid’s dishwasher featuring a window in the door with lighted interior. Make sure your dishes are sparkly clean before the load is done. Dynamic Wash Arms Instead of the typical 3 arms, the KitchenAid® Dynamic Wash Arms features 9 wash arms to give you 3x the coverage. By spraying water everywhere in the dishwasher, each dish gets a powerful clean no matter where they’re placed.Do you have any questions about purchasing a dishwasher? Just click on the LIVE CHAT for an appliance specialist in your area to help you right now!  

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