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Deep Freezer Buying Guide

Posted on July 18, 2023

Are you in the market for a deep freezer? Whether you're a busy parent looking to stock up on frozen meals or a small business owner in need of extra storage space, a deep freezer can be a valuable addition to your home or commercial kitchen.

In this deep freezer buying guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know before making a purchase. From understanding the different types of freezers to considering the key features and factors that influence your buying decision, we've got you covered. Before we dive into deep freezers, check out our blog “ Top 5 Most Popular Refrigerators of 2023” to discover some more high-quality refrigeration options for your home!

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Deep Freezer Types: Which One Is Right For You?

Chest Freezers

Chest freezers are the most common type of deep freezers available on the market. They are known for their spacious design and excellent freezing capabilities. Here are a few reasons why chest freezers might be the right choice for you:

Ample Storage Space: Chest freezers offer a large storage capacity, making them ideal for storing bulky items such as meat, fruits, and vegetables. You can also find small chest freezers depending on your deep-freezing storage needs.

Energy Efficiency: These freezers are more energy-efficient compared to upright models, as the cold air tends to stay inside even when the lid is opened.

Lower Cost: Chest freezers are generally more affordable than upright freezers, making them a budget-friendly option.

Upright Freezers

If space is a constraint in your kitchen or you prefer a more organized storage system, an upright freezer might be the perfect fit. Here's why you should consider an upright freezer:

Vertical Design: Upright freezers have a vertical layout, allowing you to easily organize and access your frozen goods. This makes it convenient to find and retrieve items.

Better Visibility: With shelves and compartments, upright freezers provide better visibility of your frozen inventory, reducing the chances of food getting lost or forgotten.

Frost-Free Option: Some upright freezers come with a frost-free feature, eliminating the need for manual defrosting.

Factors To Consider When Buying a Deep Freezer

Purchasing a deep freezer is a significant investment, so it's essential to consider various factors before making your decision. Let's take a look at the key considerations:

Size & Capacity

Determining the right size and capacity of your deep freezer depends on your storage needs and the available space in your kitchen. Consider the following:

Available Space: Measure the area where you plan to install the deep freezer to ensure it fits without any issues.

Storage Needs: Assess how much frozen food you typically store and choose a freezer with sufficient capacity to accommodate your requirements. If you have a large family, you need a larger freezer for extra food storage.

Energy Efficiency

An energy-efficient deep freezer not only helps the environment but also saves you money on utility bills. Look for the following features:

Energy Star Rating: Check for the Energy Star label, indicating that the freezer meets the energy efficiency guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Insulation Quality: Opt for a deep freezer with high-quality insulation to minimize temperature fluctuations and reduce energy consumption.

Temperature Control & Monitoring

Maintaining the right temperature is crucial for preserving the quality and safety of your frozen goods. Consider the following features:

Adjustable Thermostat: Look for a deep freezer with an adjustable thermostat that allows you to set the desired temperature based on the type of items you store.

Temperature Alarm: Some freezers come with a temperature alarm that alerts you when the temperature exceeds a safe range.

Defrosting Mechanism

Manual defrost or automatic defrost? The defrosting mechanism of your deep freezer affects its convenience and maintenance. Here's what you need to know:

Manual Defrost: Manual defrost freezers require periodic defrosting to prevent ice buildup. This process involves unplugging the freezer and allowing the ice to melt.

Automatic Defrost: Automatic defrost freezers use a heating element or a cycle of hot gas to melt the ice buildup, eliminating the need for manual defrosting.

Everything You Need To Know About Deep Freezers

How cold should a deep freezer be?

Deep freezers should ideally maintain a temperature of -18 degrees Celsius or below. This temperature ensures that your food stays frozen and prevents bacterial growth.

Can I keep my deep freezer in the garage?

While it's possible to keep a deep freezer in the garage, extreme temperatures can impact its performance. Freezers are designed to operate within a specific temperature range, so consult the manufacturer's guidelines to ensure proper functionality.

How often should I defrost my deep freezer?

The frequency of defrosting depends on the type of freezer. Manual defrost freezers typically require defrosting every 3-6 months, while automatic defrost freezers handle the process on their own.

Can a deep freezer be used as a refrigerator?

Some deep freezers come with adjustable temperature settings that allow them to function as refrigerators. However, it's important to check the manufacturer's specifications to ensure that the freezer you choose has this feature.

How long does a deep freezer stay cold during a power outage?

A well-insulated deep freezer can keep food frozen for up to 48 hours during a power outage. Avoid opening the freezer door frequently to maintain the cold temperature for as long as possible.

Are deep freezers noisy?

Deep freezers generally produce a low humming sound, which is normal. However, if you notice excessively loud or unusual noises, it's advisable to contact the manufacturer or a professional for assistance.


The Best Deep Freezers For Sale

At Bray and Scarff, you'll find an extensive range of deep freezers to suit your specific needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for a chest deep freezer or an upright freezer, we have a diverse selection to choose from. With various sizes, capacities, and features available, you can easily find the perfect deep freezer to meet your storage requirements.

From well-known names like Monogram, JennAir, Fisher & Paykel, GE, and Sub-Zero, you can trust that we only carry the best deep freezers available on the market. Our appliance experts at Bray and Scarff are well-trained and dedicated to providing personalized assistance to help you find the perfect appliances to fit your needs, budget, and floor space. Whether you have specific questions or need guidance on making a decision, our staff strives to go the extra mile and ensure your satisfaction.

With multiple locations in Maryland and Virginia, such as Frederick, MD, and Arlington, VA, you can conveniently find the best appliances near you. Head to one of our appliance stores today and experience the unparalleled shopping experience we have to offer.

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