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When shopping for a range for your new or renovated kitchen, you will need to decide whether you will choose a slide-in range or a freestanding range. From outside appearances, these two may seem very similar and can even have all the same cooking features too. You may even see both placed between cabinetry. So what makes these two ranges so different? It’s more than just the name suggests and each has its own advantages. Difference #1: Installation As the name suggests, a slide-in range physically slides into cabinetry while a freestanding range can stand on its own. However, it means more than just that. A slide-in range is built specifically to be built into cabinetry so it does not have finished sides. This means it cannot be placed at the end of your cabinets and may or may not require a pedestal to sit upon. Freestanding ranges, on the other hand, sit on their own and have finished sides allowing for more flexibility since you can place the oven either in the cabinets or at the end and sits completely on its own. Another difference to consider is freestanding ranges can plug-in into an outlet while slide-in ranges must be hardwired. Difference #2: Control Location Freestanding ranges feature a backguard with oven controls, burner controls, or both, whereas slide-in ranges display controls are located on the front of the range or the cooktop surface. The freestanding configuration does limit them to be up against a wall and can block beautiful backsplash. Additionally, many homeowners don’t like having to reach over a hot surface to control the cooktop. Slide-in ranges offer an unobstructed view of the backsplash and aren’t restricted to being placed against the wall. The front-control or cooktop surface knobs also make it easier to control without having to reach over a hot surface. Difference #3: Cleanability Since freestanding ranges stand completely on their own, there is usually a small between the cooktop surface and the adjacent cabinet, offering a space where food and liquids can fall. Alternatively, the cooktop surface of slide-in ranges slightly overlaps surrounding cabinetry which offers better cleanability. Difference #4: The Look Thanks to the overlapping cooktop surface and knob location, slide-in ranges offer the more desirable built-in, professional look to a new or existing kitchen. As mentioned before, it also offers an unobstructed view of the backsplash or into the nearby dining room. Once you have decided on either a slide-in or freestanding range, visit your nearest Bray & Scarff store to find the perfect one for you. We have appliance experts in every store ready to help you out!
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