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Not sure if it's time to upgrade your kitchen? Here are some signs that your kitchen is ready. Mismatched Appliances Finding a single replacement appliance is rarely ideal. If your fridge goes out, you need a replacement almost immediately to not let your food spoil and will probably settle for whatever you can find locally that fits into that month's emergency budget. Sometimes the range outlasts the fridge or the dishwasher survives the wall oven and you weren't able to find a replacement appliance that matched your other ones from 30 years ago. What you're left with is mismatched appliances, either by color or age. Mismatched appliances can make your whole kitchen seem off and cluttered. It's best to update all of your appliances at the same time to give your kitchen a cohesive look and function. matching It Never Seems Clean Do you scrub and scrub to your little heart's desire and your kitchen still doesn't feel clean? There's a lot of things a kitchen should be but dirty is not one of them. If you have peeling countertops, stained floors, and mismatched appliances, it's likely you won't ever feel the full satisfaction of a clean kitchen. Cracked & Stained Surfaces A majority of the kitchen work happens on the countertops, from slicing bread to prepping raw chicken. It's also the main place for cross contamination to happen so it's super important it remains clean and sanitized. However, chipped tiles, peeling countertops, or cracked porcelain sinks can harbor dangerous bacteria that even bleachcountertop cannot reach. Another issue is stained countertops that may actually be clean but make your dinner guests want to run for the hills instead of eating your meals. Consider upgrading with new countertops made from materials that last nearly a lifetime, such as granite, quartz, and solid surfaces. People Can Guess Its Age Has anyone ever said something along the lines of, "My grandpa had the exact same formica countertops in the 70s!" or "Your home must've been built in the early 80s, I recognize these lipped cabinets" when looking at your kitchen? If you have items that can be recognized as belonging to a certain era, it's definitely time for an upgrade. Don't get us wrong, vintage can definitely be cool but not by simply surviving through the decades. A midcentury refrigerator can be a great conversational piece but 40 year old floors or 20 year old cabinets that are falling apart are not. Cooking Is A Maze The next time you cook a meal, pay attention to how your time is spent. Do you spend more time digging through cabinets and drawers than actual cooking?dsc_0606-jpg_9_23_2016_2_40_42_pm If everything seems out of reach or hard to find, your kitchen has a storage problem which may necessitate a new layout. Cooking should be enjoyable, not a confusing test of endurance. Kitchen Envy If you visit a friend's house and suddenly feel a twinge of jealousy that their kitchen looks so bright, or so clean, or features beautiful new countertops with shiny new appliances and gorgeous cabinetry and OMG even under-cabinet lighting?!, then it's probably safe to say you have kitchen envy. You've got a fever and the only prescription is an upgrade! envy

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