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There are few as challenging chores as cleaning the oven. Spills that happen during the oven cycle quickly bake onto the surface. Whether it’s melted cheese from your secret lasagna recipe or bubbling blueberry sweetness from your grandmother’s pie, spillovers leave a real mess. When they’re overlooked, and they’re very easily overlooked, the simple spillover quickly becomes one tough mamma jamma to remove. There are plenty of mistakes that can be made when removing charred foods, such as scraping the oven lining with abrasive materials or using harsh chemicals that can equally damage the oven lining. Fortunately GE Appliances offers a Steam Clean cleaning cycle to easily remove baked on foods. Self-Clean modes require the oven chamber to reach exceptionally high levels of heat to completely burn off baked-on foods, up to 1000°. This method can take anywhere from 1.5 hours to 3 hours. Many websites will recommend you not use the self-clean option with conventional ovens because of the potential damage that can happen at these excruciating high temperatures, though keep in mind most newer models are designed to handle the heat. Instead of turning your oven into the inside of a volcano (bit of an exaggeration) or attempting to scour the mess yourself, Steam Clean cleans minor food spills at much lower temperatures and for far less time. Since Steam Clean doesn’t involve chemicals or high heat, you can actually leave the racks inside. You don’t even have to lock the door! First wipe away any excess grease and soils from the cool oven. Pour 1 cup of water on the oven floor, close the door, and select Steam Clean. In about 30 minutes, Steam Clean will loosen and soften all of the grime in your oven. When the cycle is complete, use a sponge or soft cloth to remove any remaining moisture or food particles from the oven interior and the racks.As they say, prevention is the best medicine. Avoid spillovers by baking your meals in appropriately sized cookware or bakeware. If you suspect your dish might bubble or melt over, lay a cooking sheet on the rack below or use silicone oven liners. Never put aluminum foil on the bottom of your oven as this can reflect extra heat and cause damage to the element. See the Steam Clean in action below.
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