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Which Oven is The Best: Gas or Convection?

Posted on November 17, 2023

As with most kitchen appliances, shopping for a new oven comes with a lot of decisions. Single wall ovens or double ovens, down or side opening doors? As you look over the large selection and features of different ovens, you may be curious about which cooking method is best – gas or electrical convection.

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How Do Gas Ovens Work?

Gas ovens use either natural gas or propane to start a flame, with the main burner at the base of the oven. Flames fueled by the gas are then able to radiate into the oven to heat it to the desired temperature. This method produces heat that is evenly distributed throughout the oven, ensuring consistent and precise cooking.

Benefits of a Gas Oven

• Quick heating

• Ideal for roasting and broiling

• Cost-effective


How Do Convection Ovens Work?

Electrical convection ovens use an electric element at the base to heat the oven chamber and then utilize a fan to move the heat around for even distribution. Because of this cooking method, your dishes will require less time and energy. There is also no need to rotate dishes throughout the cooking process, as the fan ensures you have even cooking on every rack.

Benefits of a Convection Oven

• Even cooking results

• Reduced cooking time

• Suitable for various cooking methods


Gas vs Convection Ovens

Here’s a breakdown of the two ovens to give you a better idea of how they compare with one another in performance, speed, and more:

Which Cooks Better?

Gas has a lot of advantages but it isn’t perfect when it comes to baking your foods. Since gas-powered ovens use a direct source to fuel the flame, they are quicker at initially heating up the oven. However, as gravity causes hot air to rise and cool air to fall, the result can be uneven heat distribution thanks to cold spots and hot spots that can cause foods to cook unevenly.

Convection ovens are able to diminish this problem by using a powerful fan to move hot air around the oven’s chamber so that heat is evenly distributed for completely even cooking. Of course, this is only possible when air can move around the chamber so it’s important not to overfill the oven.

Which Is More Energy Efficient?

While gas cooktops are generally more efficient than electric cooktops, the opposite is true when it comes to the oven. Convection ovens are able to heat up the oven quicker and distribute heat more evenly, resulting in reduced cook times and less fuss.

With conventional ovens, including gas, the heat isn’t distributed as evenly requiring you to open the door to shuffle dishes from the upper rack to the lower rack, resulting in temperature loss and energy. The actual energy used to heat up either gas or convection is about the same, but the time saved with a convection oven makes it a clear winner.

To learn more about energy-efficient appliances, head to our blog “Energy Star vs. Standard Appliances”.

Who Is a Convection Oven Best For?

If your goal is to achieve rapid cooking without compromising even heat distribution, a convection oven is an ideal choice. This appliance excels at providing both, ensuring your dishes are not only cooked efficiently but also uniformly.

However, it's crucial to keep in mind that using a convection oven may require adjustments to cooking times for certain recipes. If the need for such adjustments seems inconvenient, we suggest sticking with a traditional, conventional gas oven for a more straightforward cooking experience.

Who Is a Gas Oven Best For?

A conventional gas oven is an ideal choice for those who prioritize quick and traditional cooking. Whether you're looking for fast results or appreciate the simplicity of operation, this type of oven offers a reliable solution.

The rapid heating capabilities make it particularly suitable for roasting and broiling, allowing you to achieve flavorful results in less time. However, while it excels in certain cooking aspects, it's important to note that some gas ovens have limitations in terms of baking.


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Gas and Convection Ovens: Your Questions Answered

Are convection ovens suitable for baking?

Absolutely, convection ovens are ideal for baking, providing even heat distribution for consistent and delicious results.

What maintenance requirements should I consider for gas ovens?

Regular cleaning and safety checks are essential for gas ovens to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Are there safety concerns associated with electrical convection ovens?

Generally, electrical convection ovens are safe to use, but it's crucial to follow manufacturer guidelines and safety precautions.

Are gas ovens better than electric?

The superiority of gas or electric ovens depends on individual preferences and cooking needs. Gas ovens offer quick heating, making them suitable for certain cooking styles, while electric ovens, including convection, provide even heat distribution and reduced cook times.

Are gas ovens worth it?

Gas ovens are worth considering, especially if you prioritize quick and traditional cooking methods. They are generally cost-effective and efficient for roasting and broiling. However, it's essential to weigh your specific cooking requirements against the advantages and limitations of gas ovens.

What is a convection oven best for?

Convection ovens are best known for their ability to provide even cooking results through the distribution of hot air with the help of a fan. They excel in reducing cooking time and are suitable for various cooking methods, including baking, roasting, and broiling. If you aim for rapid cooking without compromising even heat distribution, a convection oven is an ideal choice.

Are there gas convection ovens?

Yes, gas convection ovens do exist. These ovens combine the benefits of gas cooking with the even heat distribution provided by convection technology. They utilize natural gas or propane to fuel the flame, offering quick heating along with the efficiency of convection for consistent and precise cooking results.

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