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Traeger Ironwood Grills vs Pro Series Grills

Posted on July 9, 2024

Outdoor cooking enthusiasts know that the right grill can elevate your culinary experience from good to extraordinary. When it comes to wood pellet grills, Traeger stands out as a pioneer and leader in the industry.

But which one is the perfect fit for your backyard? Let's compare these two impressive grill lines to help you make an informed decision.

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Overview of Traeger Grills

Before we discuss the specifics of the Ironwood and Pro Series, let's take a moment to appreciate Traeger's legacy. Founded in 1985, Traeger revolutionized outdoor cooking by introducing the first wood pellet grill. This innovative technology combines the flavor-enhancing benefits of wood smoking with the convenience of gas grilling.

Wood pellet grilling works by feeding wood pellets from a hopper into a fire pot, where they're ignited to create heat and smoke. This method allows for precise temperature control and infuses your food with delicious, wood-fired flavor. Traeger has continually refined this technology, leading to the advanced grills we offer today at Bray & Scarff.

traeger ironwood grill

Traeger Ironwood Series: Features and Benefits

Traeger Ironwood grills are Traeger's premium grill line, designed for the serious grilling enthusiast who wants top-tier performance and advanced features.

Key Features:

  • WiFIRE Technology for remote grill control via smartphone
  • DownDraft Exhaust system for improved smoke circulation
  • TRU Convection system for even cooking
  • Double side-wall insulation for improved temperature stability
  • Pellet Sensor to monitor fuel levels (on Ironwood XL)

Size Options:

We recommend these two Ironwood models that cater to different cooking needs:

1. Traeger Ironwood 885 Grill Model: TFB89BLF

  • 885 sq. in. of grilling space
  • WiFIRE Technology for remote grill control via smartphone
  • Primary cooking area: 570 sq. in.
  • Secondary cooking area: 315 sq. in.
  • 20 lb. hopper capacity
  • Ideal for large families or frequent entertainers

2. Traeger Ironwood XL Grill Model: TFB93RLG

  • 1,000 sq. in. of grilling space
  • Primary cooking area: 650 sq. in.
  • Secondary cooking area: 350 sq. in.
  • 22 lb. hopper capacity
  • 20 lb. hopper capacity
  • Perfect for those who need maximum cooking space

Tech Highlights

The standout feature of the Ironwood Series is its WiFIRE Technology. This allows you to control and monitor your grill from anywhere using the Traeger app. You can adjust temperatures, set timers, and even access a vast library of recipes.

The Ironwood XL takes this a step further with its Pellet Sensor, which monitors fuel levels and alerts you when it's time to refill, ensuring you never run out of pellets mid-cook.

Here are some of the pros and cons of the Traeger Ironwood series:


  • Superior temperature control and stability
  • Enhanced smoke flavor with Super Smoke Mode
  • Excellent build quality and insulation
  • Large grilling capacity, especially with the XL model
  • Advanced features like WiFIRE and Pellet Sensor (XL)


  • Higher price point compared to Pro Series
  • May have more features than casual grillers need
  • Larger footprint, especially the XL model

The Ironwood Series is perfect for those who want the best of what Traeger has to offer. Whether you choose the Ironwood 885 or the even larger Ironwood XL, you get a grill combining cutting-edge technology with superior cooking performance. These grills are ideal for outdoor cooking enthusiasts who value precision, consistency, and the ability to easily handle large cooking jobs.

traeger pro grill

Traeger Pro Series: Features and Benefits

Traeger Pro grills are Traeger's mid-range line, offering a balance of performance and value. It's an excellent choice for those new to pellet grilling or those who want quality without all the bells and whistles.

Key Features

  • WiFIRE Technology (on newer models)
  • Pro D2 Direct Drive for consistent temperatures
  • Easy-clean porcelain grill grates

Size Options:

Bray & Scarff offers several Pro Series models, each catering to different space and capacity needs:

1. Traeger Pro 575 Grill Model: TFB57GLE

  • 575 sq. in. of grilling space
  • Perfect for medium-sized families or small gatherings
  • 18 lb. hopper capacity

2. Traeger Pro 780 Grill Model: TFB78GLE

  • 780 sq. in. of grilling space
  • Ideal for larger families or frequent entertainers
  • 18 lb. hopper capacity

3. Traeger Pro 34 Grill Model: TFB88PZB

  • 884 sq. in. of grilling space
  • Great for those who need extra capacity
  • 18 lb. hopper capacity

4. Traeger Tailgater Grill Model: TFB30KLF

  • 300 sq. in. of grilling space
  • Compact and portable design
  • Eight lb. hopper capacity
  • Perfect for tailgating, camping, or small patios

Tech Highlights

The Pro D2 Direct Drive is a standout feature, providing precise temperature control and faster heating times. Newer Pro Series models (575 and 780) also include WiFIRE Technology, bringing smart grilling capabilities to this more affordable line. The Pro 34 and Tailgater models offer Traeger's reliable performance in more traditional and portable formats.

Here are some of the pros and cons of the Traeger Pro series:


  • Great value for the features offered
  • Consistent and reliable performance
  • Easier to use for beginners
  • Range of sizes to fit various needs and spaces
  • Portable option available (Tailgater)


  • Less insulation than the Ironwood Series
  • Older models (Pro 34 and Tailgater) may lack WiFIRE Technology
  • Smaller hopper capacity on the Tailgater model

photo comparison of traeger ironwood and pro series grills

Traeger Grill Series Comparison

Now that we've outlined the key features of both series, let's compare them directly across several important factors:

  • Cooking Capacity: The Ironwood Series offers larger cooking areas, with the Ironwood XL providing a massive 1,000 sq. in. of grilling space. The Pro Series ranges from 300 sq. in. (Tailgater) to 884 sq. in. (Pro 34). If you frequently cook for large groups, the Ironwood XL would be the top choice, followed by the Ironwood 885 and Pro 34.
  • Temperature Control: Both series offer excellent temperature control, but the Ironwood's double side-wall insulation gives it an edge in maintaining consistent temperatures, especially in colder weather. The Ironwood Series also features the TRU Convection system for even more precise cooking.
  • Wi-Fi Capabilities: Both series offer WiFIRE Technology on their newer models (Ironwood 885, Ironwood XL, Pro 575, Pro 780), allowing for remote control and monitoring. However, the Pro 34 and Tailgater models may not have this feature. The Ironwood Series, particularly the XL model with its Pellet Sensor, offers more advanced smart features.
  • Construction and Durability: The Ironwood Series has a clear edge with its heavier-duty construction, better insulation, and features like the DownDraft Exhaust system. However, all Traeger grills are built to last and are backed by a warranty.
  • Versatility: While both series offer great versatility, the Pro Series includes the portable Tailgater model, which is perfect for on-the-go grilling. The Ironwood Series, with its larger capacities and advanced features like Super Smoke Mode, offers more versatility for various cooking techniques at home.

Which Grill is Right for You?

Choosing between the Ironwood and Pro Series depends on your grilling needs, budget, expertise level, and specific circumstances. Let's break it down:

Consider the Ironwood Series if:

  • You're an experienced griller looking for advanced features
  • You frequently cook for large groups (especially the Ironwood XL)
  • You live in an area with extreme temperatures and need better insulation
  • You want the largest possible cooking area and don't mind the higher price point
  • You value features like Super Smoke Mode and the Pellet Sensor (Ironwood XL)

The Pro Series might be the better choice if:

  • You're new to pellet grilling or upgrading from a basic grill
  • You want a balance of features and affordability
  • You need a portable option for tailgating or camping (Tailgater model)
  • You have limited space but still want Traeger quality (Pro 575 or Tailgater)
  • You want WiFIRE technology without the premium price of the Ironwood series (Pro 575 or Pro 780)

Specific model recommendations:

  • For maximum capacity and features: Ironwood XL
  • For large families or frequent entertainers: Ironwood 885 or Pro 34
  • For medium-sized families: Pro 780 or Pro 575
  • For small spaces: Tailgater

Discover Traeger Grills at Bray & Scarff

To sum up, the Ironwood Series stands out with its larger capacity (especially the Ironwood XL), advanced insulation, and premium features. The Pro Series offers a wider range of options, from the portable Tailgater to the spacious Pro 34, providing an excellent balance of features and value.

Ready to elevate your outdoor cooking game? Contact us or visit our Bray & Scarff location in Germantown to see these impressive Traeger grills in person. At our appliance store locations, we provide personalized recommendations based on your cooking style, budget, and specific requirements. We also offer freestanding grills, LP gas BBQs, built-in grills, and more outdoor cooking appliances from top brands like Wolf, DCS, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Traeger Grills

What are the different Traeger models?
At our Bray & Scarff Germantown location, we offer two main Traeger series:

  • Pro Series: Pro 575, Pro 780, Pro 34, and Tailgater
  • Ironwood Series: Ironwood 885 and Ironwood XL

How long do Traeger grills last?
With proper maintenance, Traeger grills can last 10-15 years or more.

Does a Traeger replace a BBQ?
Yes, a Traeger can replace a traditional BBQ. It offers grilling, smoking, baking, roasting, and braising capabilities.

Can you use a Traeger as a regular grill?
Absolutely. While known for smoking, Traegers can reach high temperatures for regular grilling.

What is the difference between Traeger Pro and Traeger Ironwood?
The Ironwood Series offers larger capacity, better insulation, and more advanced features like Super Smoke Mode. The Pro Series provides excellent performance at a lower price point.

Is the Ironwood Grill worth it?
For serious grillers who value advanced features and larger capacity, the Ironwood is worth the investment. For casual users, the Pro Series might offer better value.


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